Pharmaceutical Cold War is a division of the enterprise:

Oytcho Visha 

Created by Wombom Margorald and Sob Soc.

"It is good that without mass sedation and distraction we would not be able to organize the imminent and inevitable destruction of this disaster of a species. - Dave Brown.

This enterprise is a determined opponent of drug prohibition and other malpractices taking command of one’s sacramental aspects of existence. 

In here you will be accommodated by coolness where heat is irretrievable.  

Under current drug laws snobbery is at its invincible high.  

The worst part of the day is when you get interrogated.  

Under such laws, new arrivals to earth, mystics, charismatics are arrested and sent to prison, and they have never even seen a barrel of a gun.

Restricted medicines such as benzodiazepines, particularly diazepam, have a chilling effect on the body, removing aggression, especially when taken in elusively high doses.

There is no shortage of chill here. 

Restricting dugs is a form of intimidation from medical authorities. This has caused the cold war.    

Anyone who disobeys these laws are far from ordinary, commonplace, far from being empty.

Separation from the world is created through a compact dense narrow vacuum without hesitation.

Preserve peace of mind without any standards.

This is an improvement to the fight for the world.

If left too long without drugs your mind will become a ‘Worry Spasm’, cancelling out all other thoughts.

Strike at the weakness of the system by introducing it to disarray, then it will be rectified.

Be wary of giving in to the input channels of fascism before they come at you on a daily basis.  

When joy disappears, resort to trickery.

This is a war without the resounding of military fuss. 

But sleeping pathways such as sedatives have a banning order on them.  

Show prudence towards the cultural cold war.

It is just another day of higgledy-piggledy calm.    

This is a queer indication of what the world is in for, fully addressed by flurries of immediate curiosity before it disappears totally. 

A war without drugs is an upsetting, humiliating world of strict rules.

All things considered, eccentric drugs users are sentenced to jail along with others of the intelligentsia. Drugs expand the width, breadth, intimacy of the arts here and there with the capacity to be surly.   

Anybody being surly will be arrested for disturbing the common peace.

It is authorities that have ease of access, approachable power, not motionless, submissive drug users.

The system is antiquated. Drug lords need enthroned, not imprisoned.

This war is not violent. No rebel conditions are being developed to meet functional needs.

Being completely unaware of your surroundings is not a menace, but it depends on the extent of the damage of boasting about it.     

The drug war has sparked vulgarity which will gradually shrink into secularization. This site supports secure exultations. 

This is a forced detour from retaliatory measures. Nobody protests, apart from matters relating to pharmacology.

Struggles between war and minds is no different.

Pay one’s last respects to the slackness of the country you are in.

We live in oppressive times. Normal tasks are considered urgent news.

Eliminate universal application of energy efficient equilibrium.

The crackdown on drugs has created this war. Governments and doctors will not allow anything which raises one's spirits.

A degree of gothic demoralisation has several basic human temperaments, but doctors only prescribe medications due to one single voluminous motif: destroy every possible provision of pleasure.

They prescribe drugs that create brawls, free-for-alls, because they remove your exclusive submissive identity. They brainwash you, order you, invite you to be subjects of human societies, which have become a funeral oration.

Taking drugs you don’t do a formal injury to anybody. Authorities should be shamefaced as they turn life into a war, a struggle, day by day, week by week.  

Believe in delicate doom, you can have drugs whenever you want to, because they are not a crime.  

Jeopardy is the common duty of the mind, which doesn’t settle unless sedatives are used, but doctors scarcely provide them.

Being jailed for creating harmless mania and mayhem, that’s life unfortunately; it is a built in aspect of culture.  

Take a stand and freeze your position on earth.   

A joint programme of a blizzard of an occasion is what we are fighting for.

Meteorologists have prowess when it comes to suddenly resorting to brainwashing, because they express themselves clearly for no good reason.

There are many addictive things to get hooked on; why do authorities abusively fixate on drug prohibition?

Give a cheer to profound addictive things, not according to or investing energy into the status quo.

Particular positions in life are pretty ordinary, the remaining task is to prevent them from becoming a barren striking mechanism.  

Making everything alright in the world, defying great journeys of the mind, are all prohibited.

Yesteryear’s combat is today’s undecipherable ownership of one’s mind.

Particular positions in life are pretty ordinary, the remaining task is to prevent them from becoming a barren striking mechanism.

To probe, examine, investigate drug use clearly and precisely would require a lot of geeks and nerds.

In this cold war several stages of eternal silence are attacked after being pierced.

The future is not the right stuff.

We do not buy into summertime.  

The effective option is to shiver.

Critical vibes of summer are extracted to create another winter.

This is a strategy to implement the next cold war in and of itself as a hallmark.

The is an integration of frozen people floating around feeling the impact of cold to a new maximum.

Key connections between countries will freeze, totally all cool, without needing debriefing, analysis generously provided.   

Before deciding on a course of action, people that believe that the world is one are cranky.

If you become very close to other countries it is a form of warped trespassing.

Depart from foreign influence or interference.

Jittery big fun is not refined if you fail to recognize each other of the same comradery.

This war is a disastrous repetition of former glory.  

Call upon everybody with sustained subtleties to win this war.   

Making decisions which are not of our own making, there will never be peace in our land.

Tourists are channelled into a forlorn expedition which nobody can escape from. Being trapped in submissiveness is a good journey in itself.

Thos who toss away, leave, eradicate connections with, or deplore their homeland and head overseas will hitherto be considered as yuppies. They are not even competitive leaving the strong-hold of their country.    

A sense of hospitality is wiped out if you travel to another country.

Generate retrospective endeavours of a sizeable amount peaking above all previous wars.

Scarcely span the ego into enormous destinations of Earth made by professionals who need to be already back at home and submit to anything unearthly. 

Whatever country you come from the cold war will throttle meteorology to recreate the galore of yesteryear.

The cold war is a detrimental way to precipitate nations going into previous advances of the great wars, which still need a touch up because most modern people lack experience in resolving wars because they have a sense of moderation.

Due to oppression, the intelligentsia are showing signs of unhealthy foreseeing and assertions.

Due to drug war implications, once you get within the mind it is difficult to get right out of it to identify oneself as a political prisoner.

Keep a respectful distance from authorities whatever reason why.

Reflecting on life as a potentiality rather than an actuality, you will be arrested.  

It is the mind’s neurons which we fight to free from our enemy, the medical profession.   

When on drugs there are only mere glimpses of stress, but authorities have condemned this.

They started this war, but dark intensity will end it.

There is no hiding place from this murmurous medical mayhem unless there is revenge as an everyday occurrence in extreme cases.  

Drug laws are declared hurtful, especially for oversensitive people.

Love happens in this war, although it is freezing cold caress without further aid.

The indestructibility of our fans and enthusiasts disavows them from taking part in the demeaning childishness of drug laws.

Crying out for good luck, you will never reach maturity.

Definitely right now there is no affectionate true liberty.  

Doctor’s overlook the core of pain.

Without drugs people are withdrawn from easy, relaxed lifestyles passing beneath them in every conceivable way. 

Don’t let it go down too far so as to create an arrival, departure platform of the underground. 

You need more than harmony when you are scared out of your life.

Excruciating peace-keeping forces oppress us.

Interludes between wars have rational use because it regulates industries so they don't become frail. 

Things to treasure are unavailing, needless, unnecessary, unmerited, undeserved without dugs.  

Right now, is the right time not seen beyond coolness in all directions.

This cold war will change the course of history without having to convince anybody, and it will not require braver or stronger men.  

Danger-points multiply so much that you are unable to see beyond them.

In the background there is formidable signs of life, recommended for anyone with embodied remorse extracted from history.

Optimism and rigour are hovering all over the place, in recess at its infancy.

There were once science fictional films created in the galaxy, and then it all happened, the wars all came to earth as a twisted reality. 

Wrench reality from earth before aliens ram-raid it.  

Disembark on sprawling your body all over the planet; penetration of other countries is forbidden.

International global problems and routines freeze before we are butchered by arial observations.

This enterprise is for those soaked in a similar state of coolness, without any other desperate options to remain subdued.     

Drugs provide pure tenderness, but they are banned among other things.

Protect New Zealand from an invasion of international affairs. Ban all diplomatic receptions. 

Our own country is beleaguered with worrisome quarrels already, and these are intensified by this profound cold war in large open spaces of unequal battles if authorities finally find you.

Our circumstances are a secret enemy all of its own widely known.

Borrow the nonconformist defence force of our own country as an excuse to invade the framework of modern mass culture.

The New Zealand police force is not valiant whatever is happening in the criminal world.

Police cripple surliness.

A global cold war will aid people who concentrate on the difficult times of bulldozed experience in all countries.

Consumption has a distinctive local character seldomly adapted to worldwide needs, which have been scrapped anyway due to a swarm of consultations with the crude crewmen of mass culture.

New Zealand has an army of starved people already, we cannot take in any immigrants; they are merely incorporated into the cold war along with everbody else in all degrees of wealth.

We are sheltered from corrupt navigation of the world, without a map.

The avant-garde (Psycho-technical clowns) are locked up, imprisoned after being caught by a homing radar rather than being sent to alterative facilities such as asylums.

Governments take action against amorphous laughter.

Paradise doesn’t work well here at any point of space which can be described through the splattering of language.

Enlightenment does not bring eternal reward, it has been badly plundered by activity of the central nervous system which is a maintenance of habit unless you take drugs.

The criminal law system is dilapidated as an everyday occurrence.

We are all treated like soldiers, there is no allowance for the blanketing effect of sleep.

Don’t adhere to war because it will send you down to hell in a crushing defeat.

Ritualistic joy is not a major feature of people’s lifestyle due to drug prohibition.

Happiness is all out of shape because of conflicts between system and instinct.

In here aloof people are permitted to carry out experiments and practices of drugs, not the Civil service.  

Chill is an attractive force because it has no outcome.

Abide by long chill rather than war.

Real power is a stunt which has gone into a slumber.

Sedatives have an extended cooling effect unrecognized by mobile cultural, political and economic areas.

Nobody needs a reminder that governments seem to create a lot of room for fascism.  

Dismiss troops as silhouettes.

Refit the medium of surrounding energy of the world to its original position.

Be light years away from unrestrained summer carnage.

Day after day the claim of warmth sounds more hollow no matter what temperature it is.

Combining the cold war with the drug war, the potential increases for constant intoxication and other geographical studies.

Land-based brawls have become conventional in one's own country, let alone foreign ones.

Wars, they get out of hand, those things. A splendid cold war will rectify this with the assembly of trained people with delightful variations of war. 

Experiences and adventures of the first two world wars happened a quite while ago, and were a turbine for industrial innovation.

The cold war keeps this innovation going, except without the illuminations of violence. That's the best medicine of all.

Wash away troops from the world because they are violent lunatics. Turn them all into isolated hermits instead.  

Without an immediate plan of drugs, you have nothing to lose but your leisure.

Every complication dealt with by doctors is completed and occupied on the extremity of the earth.

Drugs make difficult times groovy, but doctors ignore our plea for them.

Doctors that don’t provide sedative serums are guilty of brutality, cruelty, which is a present acute crisis.

Noxious stimuli and deterioration of the mind is established by conditioned response to so called 'anti-depressants', which have no approximation or correlation with happiness whatsoever.

The anti-depressants doctors prescribe abduct your identity; there are conspiracies here which are a common problem.

Somebody needs to avenge those who distribute such drugs, before they are carried away to prison.   

Be not nervous or anxious because you are not in the midst of enemies moving towards you.

The kafuffle of killing penetrates nobody.

Divisions between counties bring on back the good times of inadmissibility of tourism.

Don’t gladly touch down on foreign territory.

People have gone berserk taking flights to other countries. There should be exploitation rights on travel, even if they involve careful exploration. 

You will be complacent about the atlas if you tour it as if was an apparatus of sources outside this world.

Sightseeing is on course for disaster we are all servants to.

Paradise is unidentified among all life-forms.

There is nothing snuggly or enterprising about wider experience of life.

Toss the body around with fear, who knows when, who knows where.   

Everywhere there are things to be dazzled by, which you don’t have to strive, seek or find as a tourist.

Tourists are drifting buggers infiltrating geography

Spies, secrets, conspiracies are not a form of kidnapping or hostage taking if you find a happy medium.

Latent frost is the solution to all of the earth’s problems. Coolness should be believed and saved.

The public of New Zealand is what gets you into trouble, we don’t want any further interference from other countries.

Put New Zealand on a different footing, where politicians do not continue conversing throughout the day.

In New Zealand there is an influx of control measures for not going into battle.

There is a real distance, a remoteness from daily life but it is not permitted. Government would rather put us in a jail chamber than allow us to achieve freedom even while grovelling for drugs.

Psychiatrists making restoration plans of the mind are themselves loopy, because they are working under the direction of wide-spread delinquent fools, not deities.  

Pardon people in prison for pill-popping as it is apparently parallel to appearing in public.

Leisure is still distant, a long way off, because it has no ungovernable, uncontrollable prominent puppet platform.

Inward internal peace is not advisable unless it has omnipresent detachment from reality .  

Do not engage in protest matches because they are an alarming promenade.

All you do in a protest march is exploit one's rapport with each other.

Protest marches are an amalgamation of morons; they are the stimulus for retards occuring quickly and dramatically as a seizure.

Frontline coolness is our only demonstration.   

When it all settles down you do not know whether or not to continue the external design of the body.

Governments should have nothing to do with the pills and drugs you take. Fight against wakefulness to acquire sedative drugs, not with narrow defiance, but through a cold war. 

Wakefulness is twisted, orchestrated sleepiness without an eminent frame.

Authorities have done serious damage to all traction of pleasure, which they have politicized.

Those convicted with positive evidence of taking drugs are all treated in the same way, there is no general importance of individuality or specific areas of associative learning.

The definition of a politician is a ‘Jaw Antagonist’, which has no physical significance. They just decide what pills and drugs you are allowed swallow, whatever the uncertainty of the outcome, even if it guarantees your safety as life conditions worsen.

Bring your awkward colossus skull to us for the sake of fortitude of drama done on thy own accord with the power to destroy.

Drug use is victimless crime. How can you be put into jail if you haven’t been mean to anybody? The only explanation is that jail has become a peak congregation within general modern society.  

Traits of fascism are playing more and more of a role in troubled societies.  

Narcotics and benzodiazepines provide the essence of serenity applicable over a wide range of lifestyles.

They repair and relax with different stages of conclusion.

Authority is only a second surface of geography, yet they rule the world and our drug habits.

Stringent measures of justice ironically sometimes get to the point of transforming society into a prison.

Anybody, any company is prone to horror because of governmental blasting power.

New Zealand politicians: It’s not that they just disappear completely, they are given a send-off.

Under this war, New Zealand will not strengthen any auxiliary ties with other countries, and New Zealand government itself will self-implode.  

Vacations are not an outstanding achievement if there is zero resistance.

Be ambitious that the cold war is not over, it has just shrunk slightly, and avoided scientific exploratation which causes mammoth mummification.

Ignoramuses are in a great hurry to bring the world into a state of neutralization.

Hostilities don’t form cohesion, especially if you are a political activist with internal dynamic disputes.

Prefigure an alliance only with your own country behind the scenes, which is necessary, indispensable, required, at point of impact.

There is no battle in this war. What people do best is transmitted by a harmonic wave of nonviolence with nothing to do with foreign influences and circumstances inevitably.  

Leaving  your country is an unforgivable lack of territorialism.

Drug troubles take the place of war.

Due to drug laws, prison cells are equally represented at this period of time as places of liberty.

Governments turn surrounding stimulation of righteousness into criminal activity.

There is no great relief. Spectrums of freedom have mysteriously disappeared into deserted places. This is like a battle in reverse rather than being centralized.

In this era there is foreign pressure excessively corrupt if you travel to different countries.

Due to legislation peace and security raises alarm bells.

Ease back and pull the plug on life from time to time from the long-standing beating and thrashing of hovelling authorities who believe they are treating us in an acceptable manner.

The medical system brings the raw materials of depression into your life. 

Fascism is in fashion forevermore, freedom is not in even within steady radius of reach. 

All we are guilty of is trying to rehabilitate worn out submissve gibberish.

Without drugs having anything else on in the physical world is not right because the physical world is not victorious.

This is a low-life revolution for those misunderstood; those with sizable deliveries of zero potential in life are ignored as authorities terminate sensory experiences of spiritual significance.

Just feel you should have gone down to the confronting underworld where there is secret hidden correspondence not on the overland route.

Usher in chill with no probes to start operations, not concealing serious complaints of why people journey into foreign countries without quarrelling over drug laws, letting their holiday fizzle out.

Make fun of journeys of a lifetime. It is time to move forward.

Drug prohibition is such an awkward shrinkage of one's rights that it is an indescribable warfare which captures people without the option of self-adjusting.   

This is a symbol of war, there is no overestimated violence draining the body, like appropriateness and customs does.

In here there is an unawareness of warfare techniques. We are more mentally corrupt than enemy forces.

A swarm of curious obervations, impressions should not require caustic military influence.

There is enough blustering anarchy in the world to stumble on as it is, without the need of war.   

Modern warfare is swallowed up, fully outside combat.

This war is an invasion of passivity protected against external aggression from governments and other deformed things.

Feel fully exploited by participating in coexistence with medical authorities.

The authorities are finally making headway at any moment possible to oppress us or exchange lives by exploiting them. Absence of retaliation makes for a worsening situation as the Avant garde disappear, cease, due to governmental control and other counterparts.

This is a round-about way of becoming oppressed by free-for-all culture.

Modern culture is a vault, not a spectacle. Create an indefectible mainstay differentiated from debate, pulling the curtains on vast sinister hate crimes.

But brooding upon broad strategic controlled limitation remains unrecognized.

Modern governments are a big nasty regime we can no longer speak of.

You certainly need to feel comfortable when you are in the ditch of the daily parade of repugnant, loathsome, offensive, disgusting industry.

Cheering about limited regulations is for fascists readmitted into society with a decayed finishing touch.

Doctors prescribe so-called 'anti-depressant' drugs as a form of pharmaceutical cleansing. But cleansing your mind doesn't change anything, it makes you certainly come into the corridor of a holocaust.

Everybody wants to surrender to the secure sentimental sphere of the mind, but governments only make us tottering slaves to the system. 

Doctors are on a crusade to numb vessels of fantasy.

Morphine and codeine create persistent flashbacks to your younger days, but government disallows this looseness of time and space. They only supply peevish habits and traditions.

There is a mixture of things about you, but doctors only hone in on your neurotransmitters.

Without sedative drugs we are not allowed a beautiful slackened nap. This creates war.

Doctors will not prescribe happy pills to arouse you or attract attention of bliss to the mind. 

Morphine just takes you back to your accomplished integral childhood, which government debunks.

When you are feeling down you need some sort of rearmament.   

This is sculptured from the same period as the cold war.

This war and the cold war are identical versions of disaster.

Take the heat out of processions of life with a cold war quarrel.

Fall behind historical records and go back to the days of the cold war.

Sending back, inverting the world back into the cold war era begins again.

Cancel the future of the hemispheres.

Modern culture is the dysfunctional enemy we give ourselves to.  

This is discouragement from having staggering enemies in your own country, medical authorities are the only concern because they deny people a comfortable Nirvana parlour.

Don't live anymore under current drug laws with no possible exception because it is all contrived by strange and unreasonable doctors.

Doctors can't promise you relatively large happiness when you are ready to get into the mood of it.

Modern governments don't deliver quality solutions which are subliminal. 

This war is a ritual for underground forces. 

Making a mess of oneself is an art and you don’t know the reason why other than being corps in the underworld.

Options are not limited in this substructure of culture.  

This enterprise refers to the term "Bare Pharmacy." 

So many medications are banned and controlled, that modern pharmacies are laid bare a great deal.  

But due to drug restrictions normal humans are the mucky gang, not gangsters.

Normal people are the worst kind of scoundrel because they direct, guide you to a torrent of restricted, confined spaces which have no shield, guard as life closes in on you. 

As far as drugs go, we are the persecuted heroic mongers.

Without drugs, cigarettes or alcohol the mind is naturally morose. When your spirits are dampened these substances can break down obstacles, but government, medical authorities and other inexperienced people would rather be indifferent to this incommensurable phenomena. 

Destroy the sky above, not fellow humans with the expectations and conduct of trembling impulse of unsympathetic doctors.

Be free deep upside down instead of examining many omissions of gravity exactly reversed.  

Thoughts, faith, and belief in a squadron are better than prancing about.

A cold war outstrips varying proportions of dimensional solidarity between once flanked countries as a fragmentary prestige.

History engulfs tomorrow.

You've got a thing going on if life is put in reverse. 

You can never tell what self-defence means unless you have been in some kind of war. High command commencing of capitalists preserve no freedom and government pays homage to this.

Clot, curdle, churn, crack, crunch capitalism before restructuring relapse of one's occupation, which is a repeat offence.

Work prolifically to remap the world before it perishes at random into production and consumption levels of capitalism whether you are choosy or expendable.

We are devoid of inflammatory schemes such as the tribalism of capital speculators.  

Medical authorities do not allude to the rare quiet rotation of the earth; live a passive life pleadingly so that it doesn’t run away on you.

The haunting world is overturned only by extremists out of one's depth.

Cease-fire of emotional things is thwarted.  

The framework of self-defence slips away from you.  

When you are oppressed too soon your life will go bung, and your life will be a non-entity unless you have total formidable self-devoting outspokenness.

There is no big opportunity here to carry out orders because we are already supplied with ample government authorities more and more gradually losing their personage.

This is for our fellows who don't feel free to raise, lift or heighten their spirits on any tangential scale because drugs are under government control.

Medical authorities deliver a tiny little amount of satisfaction.

Not allowing drugs is a hardship process, just like foreign hostilities.  

Civilised methods are not working to save the world from this cold war, so a large proportion of insane riddles is required, without being beaten hollow by qualitative analysis.

Breaking all of the rules is the prerogative for those who are groovy.

With drugs sleep itself becomes a construction job with no degree or content.

You are not even allowed to convalesce without speaking of conviction. 

If only governments had a soft touch, leaving oneself adrift.  

Warning: persevering with mania can be recurring.

Drugs are the silver lining on the drag of daily existence. Stack, pile up utmost obscurity as if it was a companion of partial existence.

Individuals seek chronic serenity, but authorities have created the war on drugs to stop this from happening. This serenity is exterior to luxury, you can live in a dump of a home but still feel appeased.  

To contemplate or confirm comfortableness does not require a caress because it may be nascent.

Courage creates hysteria on a united, common front, coming to an end due to the slightest perceptible of mass culture.

Authorities don't let us show staying power under the blankets, where detachments from life come in dreams.

Authorities have a relentless temptation of creating oppressive policies, which turn one into voiceless chatterboxes among other hazards, which make us accustomed to being dumb, mute, unless anything unforeseen occurs.

Reliable persons of society are a missile of political correctness.

Radical life never reaches where it should do, it is shrunk.

A front-ranked invasion is a distant reserve.

This endeavour is for those who want a wishful evacuation from war. But everybody is forced to pick up on cold war propaganda because governments have created the war on drugs as if it were a blitzkrieg of nature in the usual way.  

Disobey having particular involvement in health in the New World Order.

Cannabis creates instant gentleness. It is normal life without drugs that is conducive to grotesque calm.

Under this war grunt, turbulence is deferred or gone astray as a convenient unbroken tragedy.

Making life as smooth as possible you will spend long periods in detention for a lifetime.

There are drug busts going on all over the place: be defiant. 

Those with absolutely beaut charisma are incarcerated.

This is a welcoming committee for those that have crossed paths with sublimeness.

This cold war contains pieces of thunder.

War zones are joint together in parallel with people's deflected position on earth, embarrassingly congested.  

This war is desperation for impact resistance.

It is non-violent; a high presence of large major military infrastructure approaches zero.

The real battle is over rights to administer pacifying drugs to the human brain and its extensions which illustrate no answer to anatomy even with perseverance of blanket rules. 

East-west confrontations occur on an artistic scale and capacity not grounded directly on earth.

Belonging in contours of the earth have fixed rules and regulation in a common manner.

An overload, a reception of the shock of aesthetics ceases to remain in non-european countries.

Lament is common and normal until medical authorities raid you with so-called 'anti-depressants'. 

Do not concede to the medical authorities even if you are remotely capable of either monitoring yourself or boycotting your own mental and behavioural conditions.

In the medical world desperate, dramatic recovery is obliterated.

There has been contention on earth for millennium with no formal comparison or ratio of peace.

The medical profession controls drug use by putting us under a molecular radar.

Side effects are not privately thought because you act under cover.

It's hard to know who to trust unless you pledge allegiance to room temperature.

Where you belong is partly false because government does not create comfortable positions of wonder.

This cold war is just like the original cold war, except in modern times dread and repulsion of rip-roaring rapid unwavering pace occurs as another form of exploitation. 

The anti-depressants doctors provide are not clinically proven to excite.

Doctors provide you with less excitement because their protocols are derived from government you cannot veer from.

Doctors obviously have no appearance in this artfully designed world.

Authorised repair of the mind is not individualised, it is created by a totalitarian regime concluding periods of peace and urging moderation.

Drug regulations are the highest form of abuse.  

You need to be on drugs to avoid getting into the repulsive pattern of intensifying factors of intimidation from government.

We are detained by an installation of fascism which has scope within range to rule our conduct.

Police are the real sanctuary of warmongers, but this goes unrecorded.

The bulk muck of surveillance comes from police. They are also busy raiders, and a figurative example of fascism while they enlighten agitators. 

Without the majestic mercurial zest of drugs, you will come off second best.

Nobody knows where we are now because of drug prohibition which is a haven of credible oppression.

There is a great deal of mayhem in the world, but it is not done by drug cartels defying quantum mechanics, it is all created by sullen medical authorities.

What can you do if every particular moment of your life is an unreasonable barrier which thumps, slams, bumps you back to earth?  

There are rules and regulations for your mindset, mental wandering is disallowed. 

A tidy diagnosis from your doctor gives you no satisfaction in experience or observation.

Working back to future conditions of life is essential at some point.

What's left of the old-world order is retrieved by careless persons as well as hypochondriacs.

Whoever they are they help the modern economy because they are the older generation invalidating, fracturing or dislocating military service.

Modern governments are demoralisers because they either over-tax or ban things that perk people up, such as alcohol, drugs and tobacco.

Tobacco smoking is a first aid kit for depression,

It is somewhat of a mystery that smoking tobacco does more to raise your spirits than any amount of reasoning could have done, yet it is taxed so much that only the rich can afford it.    

People can't do what they fancy, and this often causes more problems which are an entirely different matter to the thinking person.

This is a big blunder because people will retaliate on a current basis after retaining only small remnants of freedom for social outcasts .

Reduction of freedom will propell riot squads which are contrived to betray you because they are only determined to go so far. 

This cold war is the same as the old cold war, except there is no assertion of stress to stick, insert your head into.

Beware of any central portion of culture projected into the mind without knowing the composition of the source of comprehensive theory of allowance for the simplicity of war endurance.

There are plenty of ways to be rendered cool immediately without further elaboration.

Timid brutality falls back on oneself in everyday life, that is why there is no trouble staying calm and cool enough not to speak one's mind.

Freedom of reality comes according to wickedness or anything else which absorbs heat energy.

Displace your surroundings by target practice on meteorological instruments.    

The problem is that doctors prescribe so-called anti-depressant drugs a lot of the time when your mind is fine. This is a form of oppressive overuse of power favouring the international drug companies. 

It's a cruel admission being diagnosed with depression when it is the system you live under that causes it.

The health system itself is in such a phase of depression that it is no longer righteous. It selectively filters patients because they are under-staffed.

Only a small fraction of people will receive proper medical advice.  

Only on rare occasions do doctors provide medications to help the receptivity of the mind.  

Stored energy density is substituted by commands, warrants regarding the use of prohibited drugs.

This is an undoing of everything that's already been done on your mind intrinsically.

As far as anti-depressants go doctors don't prescribe drugs which make you terrific straight away. Neither do they prescribe drugs that give you repetitive vibrancy.

A person’s whole existence becomes the ultimate ground for fascism from the derivation of drug laws without a medical verdict.

Resign to the real condition of life: nihilism. Connect with the normal incidence of incoherent decay.

Conditions are not ideal because only anti-depressant drugs that enhance the rational side of the mind are prescribed.  

They prefer to provide you with a slow death of a practical sphere over time.  

This creates an exodus of inner perception. 

The mind becomes something you feel no affection for.

Genuine depression expresses merely what is possible.

It is difficult to get away from that when you are living in a fascist culture not essential to reason.

The problem is that nobody knows what mental depression really means. Misery could be an unearthly delight. Or you could be fastened to introversion. It could just be randomized sorrow, but doctors' put you on oppressing medication which gives you now defence against depression.  

Doctors provide drugs which mix up and smash your mind, and there is no navigator to help you get out of the mess you are in. They arrange affairs which are detrimental to the extremely vulnerable who merely want to hangout out in life precariously.

Maybe you just like to sit around all mopey. Or perhaps you are unsure whether you are miserable or not. Still, many parents take their teenagers to a doctor believing they depressed and are put on brain transforming drugs, without resistance apart from pretty simple submission to misleading structured and complex diagnosis .

Doctors drugs prescribe don't make your mind go any better, otherwise they would be rendered 'addictive.'

They ban all drugs which provide a maelstrom of thought; this is ultimate oppression.

Dread creates progressive ideas with an unstoppable abundant downfall of dynamism banked up in the mind.

Discovering the technique of wretched dread is preferable to the anti-depressants doctors prescribe.  

You should never have left your mind for medical authorities to abuse, making happiness altogether impossible, because they have confrontations with persons seeking expulsion of melancholy. 

In a fascist society prohibiting drugs, even freedom becomes a duty.  

The modern health service was the first mistake humanity ever made.

Put the New World Order away as a means of escape.  

Don’t attempt anything unless it is cool.

Restore, return, salvage plausibility of a great spread of cold weather without intermediate heat thrown forward.

This is for those with cold interiors whose enemies are those who feel misemployment of heat.

These are old-fashioned accomplishments to arouse people.

Cruising through life is exactly what is not needed unless you stupefy yourself.

Refrain from things you would normally do if you are dared allowed.

When visiting your doctor, remove everything at once, including your psyche.

For doctors, vouching for your freedom is a form impurity as a general rule.

Splendid pleasure is not your lucky day out because drug prohibition and everything else oppressive has become statutory.

Contemplate with caution because it might make you prone to effectively vanish into another source of meditation expressed though astronomic observation turned into shreds. 

Brainwashing people which you are never later released from or can't choose to boycott by choice provides progressive ideas such as a re-assembly of troops misled by war.

Pharmaceutical Cold War is a global movement to rejuvenate decentralisers of the deliverances of drug prohibitionists whose first real irony is to give pivotal settings to reality.

Taking it easy oversteps the limits of human recognition because there is too much toing and froing.

There is nothing to implicate drug use as a crime.

Instead of craving for sweets and snacks during the day, take a colourful arrangement of pills instead: drugs that transfer states of matter into a lack of appetite, reducing gluttony for those experienced in going without food. flinging aside the appetite. 

Sweets and snacks leave your teeth in a terrible condition. Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes don’t harm the teeth, and are a premium enjoyment. They are also appetite suppressants, making hunger more tender as an originator of anorexia.   

Drugs are cookie medicines which do not recover one’s sense for eating.

The pandemic unpopularity of obesity requires people to have the gloomiest surgical operation: starvation.        


Remote remembrances of lunatics will win because they are later sources of the reconstruction of the cold war as a chore besides labour grasped and disappeared.  

Taking drugs at the end of the day's work is a hard-won sensuous feeling, but due to Taliban-like rules there is no engagement action with Nirvana making its appearance shunted into the hole of the mind.

A rediscovered alignment of earthlings are not remodelled to conform.  

Police pull over poor people in poverty, they are not humanist, they are a reformed version of fascism surpassed only by the continued practice of professional panic.  

With drugs there is much you can do to destabilize devious minds much frequented.

The enormity of results of motion spread further in a densely populated planet divided by disconcerted time.

This opens a huge gap for genocide to take over in slow geographical time which we on the brink of treating ourselves to as an extension of one's private cushion of life. 

This cold war is admissible as wars of past times, assuming they were cool. Modernity is totally unnecessary. The planet is at its climax of chill nowadays. Deliver energy in a reverse direction.

Play cool without a granule of heat or conflict in the body.

Governments shut the door on all subordinates from all perspectives.

What is the significance of comfort unless you are not clenched by bliss?

Treacherous vicious depression is the raw material for psychotics who are no longer able to able to experience the feeling of making up their own mind.

This is the obligation to smother life with a cold war, because warm weather doesn't gel, due to the great spirit of chill, found everywhere, whatever the occasion, unless your doctor refuses to give you a tune up with sedatives.

Chill is a doctrine with no other judgement whatsoever about the planet's balancing opposing elements.

Being warm is a minor offence if your body is of low mass stranded on the edge of excessively cold wholly convincing starvation.

Chill is barely tolerable for those that have enthusiastic involvement in warmer spheres if they have ever been detected. 

In these cases, turbines have an exponential overall range, but nobody can illustrate this procedure in initial and final states of friction.

It has silently harboured squabbles where attempted mutual respect between counties is a pointless terrestrial abyss.  

Life has just started off anyway, everybody is hoisted from ancient times, where there is unusual discord between countries to take possession of power in this cold war. 

The decay of different conditions on the planet has historical origins.

Slash trust in foreign countries because feelings are at stake attributed to this predicament because heat is unwarranted and unfounded; chill jerks more violently.

There is a dividing line overlapping private mapping of the mind hidden by peculiar regressions and deviations of modern life which are do not mark the route to materialism.

Well-stocked intricate amounts of reasoning have a commercial motive which do not let you retreat into your spirit, nature or cool habits as a saviour.

Politicians are saluted bastards: How often do you get anything off them which essentially forms an indoctrination rhapsody?  

People are confoundedly cool without combustion when they are harmonious, but the medical profession has banned drugs which keep people cool, so they have created this cold war.    

But we are immeasurably constantly defeated because governments and medical authorities create drug laws in every possible experience associable with life which we will jettison in succession of these sinister screeching's of fascism.     

This is a caution against a crime scene where drug addicts create no crime offensively.

You do yourself no favours if you are not in the transcendental pleasure category.

Weird and wonderful scattered things happen when you are under the influence of drugs.

They are a gory causality of modern life if you don't have an instrumental shelter against cordiality.

Pharmaceuticals such as morphine and heroin create a full overhaul of joy, but they are all banned in every possible way. There is no such completeness when minds become objects in themselves.  

How many times do people consider the health profession is junk?

History could be repeated, there is no change from the state or phase of internal energy.

Offer up deviation from heat because it is a meagre supply of emergency rations.

Wide horizons of history are concealed before they are disembodied.

Dreams occur during the daytime, as secondary factor of sleep.

Go to bed with a given whole of sleep reconsidered, it is additional to a nap all day when life has no certain course.

The world needs an isolated upgrade.

Modern reality destroys great pleasure because governments have no manoeuvrability.    

Nobody wants to see the world as a neutralized mass.

Climate change is the standard method of bulging exaggeration.

Nobody needs climate reconstruction if there is anything like that in the world.  

Reconstruction of reduction of heat should not be ignored because you have potential competitors.

Question state of the nation by not moving anywhere warm, such as in a crevasse you track towards.

War is a flawed miniature reign compared to the entire galaxy.

Peace has a particular position in this war, but with no objectives or strategies.

Question the difference between war and withdrawal from peace. 

You do not have to be happy to live on earth, yet melancholy remains fundamental.

Modern life is too overcharged, drugs are needed to sedate the mind, you can’t be blasé, indifferent to this even if you show no courage to pay the last honours to this.  

Hanging onto happiness cannot go down without central maximum repercussions of displacement of time.

You in modern life are hanging in qualms of conscience.

Medical knowledge monitors the body’s reaction to sectarianism, the body’s first defence against metabolism.

Standards of society are a source of estrangement for large amounts of neglected people where they belong.

Doom networks are not inherently frustrating if you don’t believe in philanthropy.

Medical standards are doom.

There is no sedimentation of the upper side of warmth if you partake in a cold war.  

Global warfare resumes its course as violence subsides before being disbanded immediately.

It is not just another day if you are accompanied by a cold war force.

The general rapid progress of life is an abyss.   

Drug users are sent to prison due to this life in a hell playground.

Not all prisoners are corrupt. Authorities are a reflection of fascism which stalks people.

You do not need a rundown to know that the world is a scary space of judgment and justice.

Fascism is coming to get you, this is governments only promise.

Forgiveness is a miracle for whosoever, not just people in prison.

This is chill beyond expectations, which requires special requirements, elixirs, rather than grave testimonies.    

Existing systems of chill do not have business requirements if it comes to that. 

Consequences of light rays are not a coherent bundle. 

Warm celebrations are not poisonous, they are defunct.

Under appalling current drug laws all people are cross-examined to make sure they are not able to feel triumphant or self-powered within a narrow fissure of high-spirited freedom.

Satan gives people special good love more than governments do, who are on a single-track to make oppression and misery an industry. How long must this go on, because melancholy is a designated opponent not to be underestimated.  

The only revenge is to remain cool. People everywhere are prone of slack clusters of geological surveys but these symptoms can be concealed and disguised by ritualism.  

People in a competitive business environment do not assist in managing coolness.

Leave your ventilation system to the churned elements.

Drug users are innocent, it is authorities that supply the function of crime virtually autonomously without synergy with the populous.

The planet hasn't had another war in ages, we are left shivering between the two walls of the polar spheres. This war is largely unexpected under current political imperatives because there is no consultation whatsoever. 

The blotted out twinkle of the sun illuminates nothing in this war.

The blue sky is a cloud you cannot see.

It is obvious that the sun is the only thing burnt blank and terminated.

Throw away earth because there is a lot in it to clasp the universe.

Science is a resistance movement against ice-structures.

Metamorphosise without consulting anyone. Take your chances with strange motionless savagery.   

Huddle into psychotic calm uninterrupted.

Real wars are prepared to go into the next fostering phase, an inherent cold war.

Only those desperate for difficult and dangerous wisdom surrender to human impact.

Fashionable objectives do not exist if you devote every free moment to willpower.  

Retrieve remembrance, don’t concentrate on the indelicate modern world because it is all pre-arranged.

A reminder of hope of progress is ridiculously inadequate in the modern world.  

Do not think with your mind because there will be a definite increase in clammy true stories.

A reminder to not think about common sight.

Many people have a transpired genetic disposition to rely on addictive drugs, but this is ignored by medical authorities, so you remain on the fringe of society.

By denying us drugs doctors trample over our dreams, which seems pointless unless life is rewound to the cold war.

Doctors have created this war as the outcome of people being no longer nearer to serenity for odd types of people who are a peculiar mystery, who do not mingle with commoners with the compulsion to later explain their reason for living on the foreboding planet.

This is considered equivalent to frames of reference corresponding with earthbound fascism.  

Morphine has its usage for vast misplacement of the decoupled mind out of reach fom far-reaching consequences available to nobody because of drug laws in a striking distance. 

Normal human physiology is a random tonic.

Morphine is the epitome of boundless joy, by denying this drug doctors treat us as zoological specimens in the free market.

The former glory of being imperceptible slaves to the medical profession snap up both life and death in these contemporary times.  

Nobody even has rights to the right frequency of helplessness. 

Every time coolness happens authorities deny it for economic and strategic reasons.

Warmth is a mortal post-classical buffeting through the ice which supplies everything endowed with summer.

Do not contemplate being as close to your goals as possible because fascism is partly left in our minds from the original cold war.  

Unless you can tolerate chill you have a poor relation with the planet.

Haemorrhage before taking a personal tour of the world before it shocks. 

Nihilism works out beaut if interactions with other countries become the end of the world.

A tour without is mission is for muddled mercurial mutants. 

Global adventurers never regain control over the earth because tourism is for mighty invalids.

This enterprise is not for drifters because travel doesn’t ameliorate one’s character.

There are bits of stuff in the brain that turn you into a racketeer outside of border patrol.

Random refugees and tourists will make New Zealand a demoted fortress. 

There are enough pointless journeys going on here now at the moment.  

Tourism is a cruel snare made by scapegoats. It defeats the whole purpose of going anywhere, if you know what’s going to happen until the time you get home or who knows where from whatever destination you may never see again unless persuaded to.

The things we do for unproductive tourists makes our economy invalid.

Incurable funny feelings are absorbed faster if they are injected with a counterpoise to transport agents.

Be alarmed when travelling between crooked countries out of action.

Incurable alarmed tourists walk among the shadows of contention.

Tourists take the longest excursions to remove themselves from the large and eager compliant public.   

Strange and unusual acquaintances do not have an aerial view of the world unless their head is blown off as a toning method to improve their anatomy.

Contest exploratory voyages of the planet because they make it more perturbed than prestigious. Confessions which are to be made not to travel come from servants of geography.

Tourism is a strange contest for retards.

Support drugs that inhibit violence. Violent people have very little innovative capacity, yet they have monopolistic control over maddening crime they manage to complete in a somewhat singular act.

There must be pain somewhere, but doctors put it into your head. Another chance may not come unless you are schizoid without recovery.  

Be not bothered by intuition in the final shaping of the mind rarely consciously with observation and prediction simultaneously.

Amicability is no longer wide-spread no matter what physical locations people differentiate themselves from the world they are within along with its essential elements: Surveillance and prohibition of pharmaceuticals which produce genuinely deep emotional identity not on the face of the earth.

Accumulate the immediate past whether contemporary or period, containing foreign models eventually, past and present.

People procuring nihilism are arrested, which is a unifying achievement for the normally transparent oppressors.

It is obviously necessary to remain opaque and scattered backward in the world if you want to avoid the bombardment of the comparatively heavy medical system.

It is impossible to move straight from the old world to a new one. The cold war still exists, and pharmaceuticals become the centre of this. 

This war is generally consistent with the original cold war, except that it has no monitoring processes such as organisation, information, applications or technology.

Due to drug prohibition, there is not one mention of freedom where you can directly test time, because your behaviour is examined in an inappropriate domain of space. 

The mental side of things has a complete block, that is the only triumph.

Regular anti-depressants are a pathetic refuge because they provide satisfaction which is a scandal designed to deceive because they do not make you sensual.

Regular drugs doctors prescribe such as SSRI’s are a tame curse with endless undesired variables to punish people as besieged personal subjects.

Regular anti-depressants turn invincibility into torrents of shreds and debris.

There is a misconception that modern anti-depressants such as Prozac support mental health.

The toughest part is to be cured from the consequences of psychosis which removes tenderness from the mind realised as idiocy.

Doctors are not humane, they are an obstacle, impediment, a precautionary measure against future happiness of people approaching them with ignorance dazed and abnormal.

Doctors whom prescribe SSRI’s such as Prozac create a corridor to genocide unannounced if you are in for a chance.

Prozac makes you sterile and emotionless. Describing it as an anti-depressant is a marketing ploy. The patient is not given a proper consult by their doctor, who has no conscience.

Prozac was was scrambled together to make profit; it does not benefit the mind.

SSRI’s can create beams of suicidal thoughts out of nowhere as a side effect whenever it suits you. They are a new-style of depressants, not an anti-depressants.

Going to a doctor you are complimented by small measures of empathy never to be completed.  

Doctors are taught never to have any soul and remain objective by not reflecting emotions, which is an example of fascism, applying the principle of conservation of energy which might as well be discarded.

Sneaking away from medical faculties is not considered popular, yet they have narrow concern for your immediate welfare which is not widespread.

Nobody seems to care just for you to come to the rescue to for a long length of time meanwhile.

Medical authorities ruin your future by treating people as individual units with no critical aspects of support from cults or religions.   

Narcotics are the grand ultimate supreme way of unstructured relaxing within a spectrum of volume and movement in the modern world.

When there is no pain you can do all sorts of things in their own course.

Without drugs there is bugger-all grooviness; fascism becomes a great masterpiece because it has invisible spirituality becoming increasingly popular.

With addictive drugs personal crises disappear profoundly along with behind the scenes Nazification.

Peace is more of a squabble chamber than war.

Without drugs there is addictive peace.

Peace is the brute disguise of war if you think for yourself without showing any courtesy of observance.

The medical system is not only dangerous for the individual, but also those on the frontline not known where.

By banning narcotics sleep becomes an error, a fault.

It's pleasant blanketing the world with sleep.

Stamina is hazardous because it is never suddenly recalled.

Dreams gather during the daytime, pervading and intervening with the finish of education which never proves constant. 

Sleep is psychotherapeutic, the brain has no large empty commonness.  

Indifference to shining, gleaming means you will be warped by unintelligible military service.

Sleep is an indifference to unmasked human life.

A place of understanding is not where we are aiming at.

When it comes to enemies dip into the unknown with ritual poignancy to retreat to.

In a cult the immortal flow of gibberish is inserted fairly quickly into one’s lifestyle without the crude haven of army regulation.

This war has nothing to do with power or strength known on Earth.

Showcase the sounds of war as therapeutic.

Nevertheless we are all soldiers in life because there is a clear departure form peace, especially by those practicing politics.   

Drugs are a silencer of power and authority, they don’t have a definite position in contemporary culture.

High-minded troubles do not require a punishment squad.

Those able-bodied are motionless and programmed.

Those in a state of bliss through drug use are in the presence of death, but this matter appears only if you are threatened with a rotary guillotine.  

Optimism is exposure to its forerunner: pessimism, as long as you recover again during this second phase of all-encompassing clamouring existence.  

The government medical system rehomes pioneers into prison.

Authorities remove any victory of pioneers by incarcerating them. Prison has become a sub-section of society.

God creates free irrational space which authorities imprison you for.

Medical authorities fit in nicely with fascists, you wonder what is going on.

Doctors have a professional appearance, yet they harvest people's brains, even if they are self-important no more.

Doctors have created everlasting hurtfulness.

Doctor schedules hack a path to the permanent extermination of bliss at any point of space, so there are isolated interactions of maximum separation between depressed people.

Derived observations bend toward the abnormal in a redeployment of reason.

Assertions of optimism are not in intermediate-range in a cold war because drugs are prohibited.

Doctors possess people with misery from the brain to the intestines, which is not a cause of dismay because both of these body organs are interchangeable.

Drugs doctors prescribe are frustrating because they give nobody flair, and they call this therapy right through to the installation of the brain.

If you live on the fringe of the medical system you are on the right track without reproach.

The only thing you can find is foolishness of belligerent parties.

Drug dependency disappears into a haze as you are put into prison wrongfully.

If you live normally the only dependency is informal conversation whoever you talk to.  

Making peace is not symptomatic of diligence or instruction, it comes from illogicalness which is prone to penalization.

Lingering righteousness is a snare. 

Cold wars are innocent: deal with the big beating: irreversible convention.

Making lingering cold wars you need to be pliable, flexible. 

Take your head out of high places to avoid a massive crackdown on medical treatment.

There’s something not right going off somewhere and drug addicts are not to blame.

There is a reassurance of objectionable, ill-natured people becoming legions of honour.

The full blast of disillusionment is the perpetual stronghold.

Ripping life away is not an issue if it has disabled alterableness.

Cowardness is fashioned as a contaminant, just like armoured fresh air.

Thrilling unknown particles make up fresh air; refined measurements are not needed.

Fight for peace, do not patrol in the sunshine.

The sun is merely an increment of the moon, with the addition of heat once upon a time.   

Medical confrontations co-exist with fascism.

Be oblivious to supposed, presumed accusations made by rivals.

Reality should be broken up, flattened and tipped down every exit into a plughole dropped straight off.

Constellations are loveless in the trampled whys and the wherefores of life.  

In this war countries have no uniform meeting point unless you are in police custody.

Put in a little coolness while snubbing authorities.

No violence comes through to reconstitute WWW 2.

Coolness is successfully dispersed without physical action.

Courage is horrible carnage.

This is a flabbergasting reversal of history for those not well informed.

Delivered here is the subtleties of war on qualified teachers whom are no longer in popular demand.

Bungled strict rules are a new prelude to revulsion.

Scramble for the march of consistency as you dwindle.

There is an expiry of distance between neutrality and territorial ambitions.

Master plans for life are ready to crash down in clusters.

If it wasn’t for chill you would be wearing combat boots.

Without a cold war you are out on your own instrumentally.

You don’t help yourself eternally.

Civil war is a hassle and potentially restrictive of monster vapour.

People in this war have hidden biochemistry.  

Being insulated from the real world is a triumph.  

Having an indisposition to the invader, warmth, is the only prerequisite to join this war.  

Do not desire horror-stricken warmth.

This is a retarded prediction of expulsion of absolute reliability on fragile heat exposed to gunshots.

The modern world has old and horrible ordinances which you cannot testify against if you are a consumer.

Swish society disturbs us so we become withdrawn.

The earth’s air-conditioning is not categorized as honest, that’s why a cold war is needed.

What’s the point of distress if you don’t have access to war and other means to a recognizable design of life?

Peace is a perpetual illusion of no great consequence as far as departure from bondage goes.

This cold war is better already than the last one was, therefore has been included in nihilism and other internal affairs where there is nowhere around it other than rhetoric.  

Sprawling persuasion is irrevocably supplied. Don’t miss out.

Political change requires chilling warfare and its immediate aftermath, perchance peace part certain.

Drugs integrate harmlessly into one’s lifestyle, which resembles a frontier.

Lead forth to everlasting blindness impales the mind with measures of rearmament.

Promising areas include a huge extension of gallantry not land-borne.

This war is set in an above-ground tunnelling frontier.

Without heroin perfect satisfaction is banned.

Everything we see is cut down and thrown.

Without drugs the spinning blurry surface of the Earth is downtrodden.

Liberation struggles are for those detained by their identity trapped somewhere.

Stash mundane daily life away as if it was some trick.

This is the last-ditch attempt to remove the quarry of monotony from the world waiting for you.

Our key prompt is not through attitudes, but cults, regardless of the toll psychotherapeutic treatment takes on us.

The menace of personal opinion doesn’t create observable history.

This war has no attachment to friction. People live out their lives only through ghost permission.

Reservations regarding medical issues and drugs leave your brain in remains which you get accustomed to very easily in the modern world.

Government and medical authorities screen signs of inner wonder, whoever strikes first.

Government is the feisty zone because it has monetized military reinforcements which require a boycott, whether you are an animal, person or a decoy.

Anything’s good that doctor’s cancel, making your lifestyle a calamity without re-entering a mutual benefit.

Doctors are not the slightest bit interested in creating life as a frozen wild cruise.

Drug addicts have unspecified fragility, but doctors treat them as monolithic.

Polarities in the medical system are maintained as fluctuations of a particular compound: the brain.

Entrench oneself in submissiveness and passivity rather than common transparent materials such as non-existence of theme, topic or subject.

Remnants of warmth do not help regain one’s sense of control on good terms with doctors.

They hit on the wrong people and have zero alignment with the population.

Pay psychotic courtesy to the medical system and its advisors you are a benefactor of oppression to.

Every thrill we cling to is turned down by authorities, and there is nowhere to retreat unscathed.

Generate untamed yet ineradicable indiscipline for its therapeutic value.

Don’t deal directly with nearby figures of authority and other aspects of cultural durability.

In multi-cultural societies, the remembrance of standing by each other is gone.

The monopoly of centralized long-term goals are managed separately from your expected lifetime.

Time frames are claimed as war amongst the people and all the rest of it.

We are not injected with involuntary war-weary disagreeable persistence of public opinion because we don’t have a pistol ready.

Mighty powers linger, making inroads into a holocaust.

Specific decisions and problems are legendary.

Approach democratic government cautiously because we are all made to measure numbers ever-loyal.

With an amazingly low amount of comrades you are doomed to scuffle with peers.

The ensuing power of death makes the greatest of spaces for friends.

Undertake activities in various states of minds non-technical.

Things you know are irrelevant if there is no steep bend of momentum.  

Existence is not taught by qualified teachers and other educational provisions because they are in intense secrecy.

Without drugs accruing happiness is contorted.

Reality becomes a convulsed syndrome in the general view of critical observation.

Without opioids doctors do not even allow us to deliberate over perverse sleep, we are instead exposed to a positively enforced army in a pre-war state.

We are sleep doorkeepers, not a ghetto far greater than anything from the First World War.  

There’s lots of sleep around even if you are in foreign territory.

This kind of sleep is called: Foreign Sleep.

Transmute your enemies in your bedroom, not with advanced military science.

Obeying sleepy advice you don’t have to excavate thoughts from the mind.

Substitute wearisome bone and flesh with a ruler of manoeuvrability revealed.  

Under unprecedented pieces of news we do not have certain rights.

Deserters strengthen their hold on liaisons falling asleep together. 

Slumber becomes increasingly common from close range.

With drugs there are numerous forms of sleep to the max, but doctors discriminate against you by not supplying them.

Coming from nothing but social instability creates the need for drugs which have become inaccessible.

Block optimization of wakefulness.

Sleep domination is blockaded due to the postponed conscious reminiscence you have of doctors.

Doctors fiddle with your brain, supplementing fascism with no disturbance to them.

Leisure and entertainment is strife because of the ultimatum of police tactics.

Embark on calls for change for drug laws, nothing else.

People have the power to exist as outsiders of beacons.

Fights avail to nothing but a foreground of education.

Without opioids such as morphine there is a long barrier between peace offerings waiting to land.

Get together and misfire what where.

Beware of encroachments of strictness, they are not primordial under normal circumstances which you might have to learn quickly.

Functionality crashes to the ground in this supernatural realm.

Without drugs peace isn’t even worth a shot.

Drugs are a liberal radical military redistribution of peace.

Topple systems of communication as if you were in enemy hands.

Common expressions are obviously frozen.

Reject brute force of indefensible logic.  

The manoeuvring of nothingness is not offensive.  

General health is out of control, which is why a further cold war is needed.

Spies have usage from any point of view, not just specific areas we get out of alive.

Drug control creates fads higher than disunity.  

Without drugs people find themselves in a personal, material gridlock.

Under Nazidom modern drug laws are sitting without any slight consideration for life.  

Drug users are used to doing things torn to pieces by others in ways not subtly co-ordinated.

People just can’t live without stupid things when they walk on the gangplank of modern medicine.

In the modern medical era even desperation takes development and planning.

Originally obtained regular business is a military group of befuddling power ill-advised. 

There is a big gap for a risk that a full-on conversion to a cultural cold war will eventuate irreversibly marked by army speculators.

You are hooked up in the dimensions of underlying conflict.

Under mass culture in New Zealand doctors hustle interpreters.  

Sometimes you get a bit defensive even if there is nothing to defend yourself from apart from psychiatric evaluation.

Part of the symptomology of medical problems is a bizarre sanctuary.

Corruption triggers conjecture of wanton corruption while fewer people remain in the sciences.

Just pretend to remain vogue.

Compulsory ice warfare has no limitation so it cannot be discriminated against.

Opinions mean nothing because they have vacuousness.

This is a great assembly of defiance people no longer speak about because they are already indoctrinated on the frontline of life.

Comfort comes with refrigerating oneself frozen chilled on the fringes of every particular expression of existence.

In the modern world an influx of robust chill is poorly addressed.

A large contingent of medical diagnoses does not fix this issue.

Most things don’t happen on earth without an unintelligible war.

Be careful of war because you might develop humanity without your share of affections.

Head out to the back of life.

Humans are fussy Eskimos. Warm areas are brainwashed flesh.

Not staying cool is a pending sin where nobody needs to offer their opinion.

It is too dark to see being stationed in warmth.

Warm people are decorated inanimate objects.

Planet earth’s atmosphere is made up of frost gas.

Descend upon chill like it is a leaking apocalypse.

Warm climates have an overload of irrelevance.  

Trample objective heat until it is downtrodden in a private fashion.

Total commitment to chill is the key to condensed competitive climate convertibility.

The human organs were made for miniaturists.

Organs are stupid little things that follow you everywhere.

Dismount from warm landscapes with fury rather than intelligence and skill.

This enterprise thrives off resurgence of rearranged rummaged rhetoric, not qualified teachers selecting information at point blank range.  

You cannot wring out foolish revelations and other educational opportunities.

Sprawling spokesmen start screaming somewhere.

The ways of darkness turn out good if they dominate your life heading for another war without singular features.

Night time is mixed up with daytime if you don’t take part in demonstrations talking all night.

The whole night is an oddity because it features solidarity.

Heating systems are an extraordinary discovery if you have a military spirit.

Nations without fully cleaned coolness are undesirable.

This is an inverted washing of the earth.

Warm countries are synchronized in their riddance.

Surveys are an embarrassment for nations that believe they are grotesquely warm.

Readdress skies primarily handled by nobody of natural origin.

Only mockery is a beam of support.

Vivid bombardment of life hasn’t happened yet because it has not been pierced by drugs.

This is a chilling adaption of will power which is no longer precious in the modern world.

Someday bliss will be new duties in your life, but at the moment it is illegal on short advice because of drug vacancy of past beliefs, which are not good to hear unless in traces on behalf of cunning noise unexpressed.

Desired settings of life are a secret forever to suit your needs.  

This is endless purification from being born mysteriously before you are shot down.

The modern world scraps freaks of nature, they make it urgent to force them to undergo unnegotiable drug laws.

Drug laws are a testament of hurt, much of it a large monopoly over life.

Investigate illogical status comparable with exposure to doom of labour ladders you don't get down from.

The world’s people are taken over by nonsense among them unintended.

We don’t have the depth and knowledge of renewal of the brain.

The way the majority of the population thinks is inappropriate.

Modern medical authorities are a disguised laughable evasion of impediments.

Because of doctors there is perturbed tranquillity unmonitored.

This war is for those fixated on a turning-point of history sometimes focused elsewhere.

Take caution with the health and safety mob because they are as cruel as long silence as if there was nobody in here to live life on earth other than madmen.  

What modern medical authorities do, you may as well be dead on numerous occasions.

The purpose of life is to expire in an old-fashioned way.

The military is in twisted mode all around the world.

Magnified exaggerated modernity is a guzzler of the original condition of the general public.

Inarticulate vengeance needs doing.

Resume remaining history without accomplishment.

This is a good way of letting go of the body without receiving clear orders.

Drug laws are upsetting punishment if you practice their precepts without paranormal petition.

We are all plentiful prison products safely arrested already, the only difference is that jail is less glamourized.

Fascism is only a matter of tidying up dithery people. Compliancy is a taboo.

Spending a lot of time in detention education and training is not compulsory, you have done your punishment.

Freedom is a zone arrested by police and their concentration camps.

Orthodox psychological treatments may seem pure but they are highly relative. Side effects of medicines are the main dimensions. 

Inconsistencies are beyond remedy because doctors treat us like gangsters.

We cannot even contemplate weighing in the imbalances because they don't meet us in the middle.

A daze is our only salvation. Domestic life is not any refuge.

Only shadows are genuine elements of our anatomy if this is you.

We do not scan the surroundings of survival and other contents of matter.

Doctors are not dream gatekeepers on demand finally or lastly.

Perplexed prison peepshow patrolmen take an oath to oppress people. Drug users are a natural target without consent to persuade authorities of their scary and surreal mystic innocence.

An army of self-defence is not found in a country fair.

Prisons accommodate most people in the world, they are local theatre managers.

Drug users are puppet figures put into jeopardy.  

Found here are radicals in the backstage areas of life for new generations to reconcile with ambiguously.

Crunchy Fog is what the planet is all about because you cannot see your acquaintances.

In here is found disillusioned disturbances of obvious knowledge.

Medical enquiries are doomed meanwhile without shame.

Escalation of a creepy side to life has a recurring factor if you are undermanned.

There is no attendance of biological structure in this war.

Pleasure does not readily come from home, it upsets the coordinating structures of possibly hundreds or thousands of galaxies.   

There’s every possibility you’ve forgotten something when you visit a doctor, like whether they are out to conquer you or not.

When visiting a doctor you do not have a totality of choice out of this world.

The velocity of barbaric mass culture is the wrong thing to do when you undergo a medical examination.

Diagnoses have a fierce impact. Avoid contact with preset fashionable life.

Drugs provide a concealed curious interruption from the crude rush of everyday life enthusiasts.

Visual surveys go straight in the rubbish bin. 

The holocaust is all but done anyway without having to make your mind up.

Promises are not our life or destiny.

In the modern world there are bugger all menacing icons, that’s why a  swooping cold war is needed.

There is almost no alternative other than horrific results truly loved as trance-like military skill.      

Colossus opposing views or something or rather.

With a cold war naming of supermarkets have changed.

They will now be called a Super Smashing Market.

This war is for those from the flat generation, we don’t believe the earth is round because it would make us distraught without nothing to hold onto.     

We are not under spheres of an observatory, let alone realizing we living on a round earth.

Drop straight out of the sky naked.

A flat world is more intriguing than a round world because it isn’t smothered with barriers.  

This war is non-violent, yet there is a slight risk of an unintelligible global brawl starting from those that believe earth has a contour, profile, outline.    

Pick up the ends of the earth and then flatten them.

What the world needs now is chill in its absolute totality.

Shocking exterior surfaces of the planet are tucked away in obscurity.

Say nope to world-wide presence of violence because it is non-human.

If you fire a bullet you resonate as a cowardice.

If life doesn’t kill you the doctor will infiltrate your mind, joining forces with your anatomy.

Stars jingle, earth is committed to this double-take of lightening.

Summer is solidly packed wickedness unless you retaliate with massive crackdowns.

Rumours are never ready to be used because they are on an uncertain course.

The world is in a health debacle; we are thankful we are not dead because life is usually disguised as an aneurysm.    

This cold war is a muffled immediate relation to reality with no reference marks, providing a narrow corridor to kill and destroy people.

Politically there is a slightly smaller gap for prefigured programmed peace puppets here.

Nobody cares about avenging themselves upon their enemies because you want them to remain among you in the world.

This war mirrors religious history for the occupier and observer.

Medical authorities sabotage remote areas of the mind.

Every time you go to do something the authorities are right there.

This is existing and emerging victimization sometimes planned but often spontaneous, but whatever it is needs expulsion.

It is anyone’s guess who vindicates you.

War is waiting to bring people out of the armed shell of leading citizens.

Call for defiant flexibility in the drug realm.

Drug users are short-listed for entrapment hurled at them.

Liberty is only possible by hacking off full daylight and starting again.

Try to see what’s missing from your life but you can’t really see because you have exact control over vanishing in areas to be sealed off.

Praise and adoration is reserved for those in an asylum, not up-front civilians.

Optimism is not taken at face-value.

Life is absolutely fizzing with compulsory confrontations in different streaks of widths and strengths impossible to see through.

Regardless of being a real war or a cold war defeat will not be omitted by lecturing to restore life.  

Don’t be too concentrated on any placement among learned humanists.

This war is divided among the courageous generation reaching out to confound our foes who set and rise by the sunset.

This is a black discovery of the sun star-orientated to create reconstructions of individuals.

Look around for different sources of light to model your life upon.

Both detained in life or dismissal of life is a celebration.

Omit ordered chronological visible images of life before it is lost.

Permeated with a new phase of nostalgia there will be problems with adjustment unless you are a veteran of regression in-between the burgeoning immediate past.

Breed with a real mix of a steady stream of coolness from your enemies.

Life is a fridge canal at the peak of its perfection.

Fridge canal is a conspiracy to turn all of the earth’s rivers and canals into glaciers.

There’s no way out of the abuse of life, that’s why cold wars are needed. Other than this life is not required; it is conquered before it arises and departs.

Admirals are too schooled in recess of stability in their underwear.

Do not shed an unusual mockery of the medical realm the rest of the underworld uses.

In here there is a superb abundance of political activity without any political commitment.  

There’s no justification whatsoever in what medical authorities say if you are inhuman or a wild version of human routines.

We are descendants of straight-shooters of both silent and sounding war.

Riddles belong here you cannot turn back on because they are not a sign of any order or system which betrays you by making yourself useful in the whole domain of life.

If you would like some riddles as a favoured area of life do not catalogue yourself as black or white.

This lunacy is across many nations.

This war is not only post-war, it is a post-sensical medium.

Share forever a crossover between inborn fantasy and reality.

This war epitomizes the pursuit of curious conduct towards anyone else.

This is a considerable counter-attack towards monolithic diplomats who adhere to the general drift of personal interest.

This is a war of twisted fancies which will last if maintained as a romantic saga planned and rejected.  This is a charming replica of a nonchalant abundance of life.

The skies above don’t make inroads to earth.

An unmanageable amount of nonsense soothes proper self-sufficiency, thus it is a great resource.

Rough awakenings are not versatile because they stretch out to interior reasoning packed with perceived proximity not providing access to your present position in life.

We low deeper than the underground, we are not thinking beings because it is inadmissible. 

Straight under the underground is a rapid expansion of properties of the defunct system.

Bending right down to the underground rather than being closely integrated with the mainstream, this is what you will be persecuted for.

Quick-firing knowledge is too impulsive, it does not protrude beneath the underground.   

Be on the verge of knowing when to stop a central direction of impact of sense of duty and other repressed energies perhaps brutal.

On careful exanimation life has disadvantages which deceive possible experience completed in the last weeks of transferable war underpinned by scientific instruction.

This cold war is a sum-total of a long-delayed top-up of ultra-coldness.  

Without drugs the internal spaces of the body are utterly scrapped.

With drug prohibition fulfilling the essentials of political, physical or psychological sleep goes unnoticed.

Sabotage authority because it causes political embarrassment impossible to reconstruct because it has an unremitting civilized thrust.

Complete liberty is an excuse for a spate of manifold restrictions unspecified.

Freezing worlds have less rules.

Distorted international competition is glamourized rather than deserted, it is humanity’s last major assignment.

Governments has a lot of cleaning up to do as far as clowns go.

Clowns don’t have a chance of being a visionary, that’s what makes life easier to conspire.

Being seized from insuperable life and leisure does not require firm measures, it requires rivalry.

Rather than full-blown war, life is ejected loosely with no expectancies for the future, which is speedily cleared from ethical debate as well as personal vision.

This is a cultural cold war. The residues of artistic faith are ever-resourceful.

Mounted soldiers are left far behind after the initial confrontation of talking to themselves.

Be entirely withdrawn from sordid penetration of other counties empirically known.

This cold war will never be described as a network or any audio-visual system in terms of light, it is a reclamation of rhetorical darkness and chill without a technical grade or other droopy massacres.

Put things right under any conditions where nothing becomes known under the influence of the deep-focus of the senses.

Human habitats are difficult to access in any chief application of transparent material such as mass culture.

Tourists are forced to flee from gazing at other countries.

Tourists are bunched up in the central position of the world.

With tourism yuppies go ahead in leaps and bounds all around the world.

Explorations of the earth depersonalize people, as do social habits.

Hibernate throughout the countries.

Tourists are doodling rascals done and dusted no matter where they are or how their journeys are graded.

Transport agents are an illusion unless you undergo treatment of a renegade traveller.

Underneath the skies there is no mutual continuation of the earth.

We do not study the methods of distance. We tap into other methods of foreign space conveyed somewhere else other than earth which has already been examined enough already.

Uprisings of controlled administrations do not cloak you in armour.

Be hooked on vagaries of foolishness without any opening to reality.

Colossus harmony has too many regulative principles.

Refuse everything which makes the police disperse in a makeshift march altogether certain to occur.

The main span of war is poised with no clear enough force exerted.

This war has secret significance even in vanishing areas.

Resume combat with your sympathisers in unplaceable areas.

In what area it doesn’t matter. Anywhere in the middle of no predictions.

Maintaining connections with the past is more paramount than possible perceptions and propositions of the future.

There is not brief appropriate generalization of drug use unless it has dramatic confirmation escaping from all mediums of realty.

Sentimentality from doctors is a radical distance from us.

Doctors engulf the remaining of your existence as a frictional force.

The incidence of critical failure of the medical system does not sway them.

Doctors only offer you probable and abstract dedication and protection.

Doctors don’t offer us a sloped mercy dock.

The Pharmaceutical Cold War is a cultural movement in transit from underworld excursions undermining modern medicine.

Opioids such as morphine and heroin are gourmet chemicals.

These drugs create quaint astonishment, yet they are all banned.

Taking heroin eternity is reinterpreted with no details to this formula.   

Test extra dimensions to plain and simple determining of life.  

Previous cold war history was not as persuasive as this cold war because it had a focal point.

The chambers of the cold war get a powerful boost.

Be exponents of making a debacle of yourself as good as anything, which is wonderful for everybody.

Inwardly doctors are ignorant, leaving patients to their own devices. They shouldn’t have to, that’s the thing. That is why a cult is needed. 

Cults yield a church with whoever in the big unguarded scheme of things.

Staying alive sometimes requires an extension of yourself found directly form the Holy Ghost.

This is eternity reinterpreted for conditions such as meagreness.

Self-destruction does not cause serious injury if you supersede criterion of reality nobody seems to know about.     

This cold war tears apart the modern world in its longest suspension span.

This is the arrival of similar conditions of the cold war but where nobody plays a leading role.

Journalists are a swelling not yet recognized.

Unleashed is the private and public demonstration of roguish chill.

The war was created because no new methods or gradients of eccentricity are available.

Connected in series with measured values of gradual problems differs from transparency all at once.

Grandiosity is as worse as it’s ever been, so there is no use having any real connection with it, even on a diminutive scale.  

Equivalently culture is separate to the total energy and momentum of household supplies of the earth’s field.

There is only simulation of possible connections with earth’s mass and its suspension immediately preceding it.

Chances are you are firmly integrated into society, you are not dropped off at the corner of the galaxy.

Going astray is not horrible.

Traditional demands are not where you want to be because they will make you an important model of humanity.

Clamped down in captivity on earth you never know what’s going to happen.

Captivity and this and that is the thing you cannot re-evaluate with ease of announcement unless it is a conspiracy.

Authorities ensure there are post-war limits on life without exodus to redirect your protection. 

Nothing happens with judgements or justice.

Authorities beat the people as they wonder around. That’s not very nice at all, is it?

This is a bizarre toil with life.

There’s not enough nonsense in the world to take advantage of like a plague.

This war is for people scared of missing out of everything reformulated as cool.

This aura is conducive to a procession of an inherent revolution in close placement with the original Cold War.

It represents the dilapidated grace of the new generation.

Being forlorn is under-utilized for future generations.

The exploited are radiated on a great scale in a slanted way.

This is a glamourized fusion of manipulation and propaganda rare and isolated.

Capitalists hassle heritage. There is no urgency for town planning if you at variance, loggerheads with modern buildings.

Authorities try to convince us that we are in the middle of a coherent whole.

Altering body chemistry as a cosmic whole is not advisable as a thing in itself unless you join a cult endeavour quite consistently at the service of the frontline of a cold war.

Your own interests only hang around for a while unless you join a cult concept of space.

Untypical love and devotion creates a cult.

Drug addicts strive together for all the various victories over human reason.

If you don’t join a cult inevitably there will be hideous consequences per unit mass of the body.

Once you stay straight you can’t get rid of it.

Everyday rewards employ every scale of cool without universal thermal agitation.

Carefully stylized naked power of binding energy is the radical component of a cult.

This is not a gesture, it is a wrath.

This cold war is the remnants of a struggle of everyday life and problems virtually coincided with outrageous chill everywhere assembled. 

This is a war with femininity crowned neither as a Kingdom or a householder or other exposed places or human trials explored up close.

Escape from attempted loyalty of woman working without pioneering men and other villainy.    

Interfere constructively with surrounding mediums of the general properties of life.

Responsibility is considered equivalent to nonsense.

Between the sources of peace and ancient links to war there are too many highly civilised people.

We are oppressed and there is not a mixed multitude of exemptions.

This is misleading of thought forever without exclusions.

Perversity is unchangeable peace. 

Make metabolism a thing of its own whenever you want to have it represent nothing.

It is obvious there is no room for rapid expansion in high places without conflict.

We are an actual distance away from welfare.

Relevant elements of fascism do not accompany drug addiction, the fascism comes from doctors with elusive compassion. Doctors are your flesh boss.

Rebel against glamour governors that molest people with trickery.

Paths of life await in the sky to prevent further strife, when people depart earth secretly.

Intelligible change cancels everything.

Painting a picture of a particular situation should not require censorship when there is great confusion.

Interpretation of life is not navigable.

Drug use is as cloudy as wartime; life becomes a collection of particles unobservable.

Obliterate battles of the world which are violent while becoming an onward fracture.

Drug addicts demonstrate the actions of instinct in history.

This is a rejection of the simple circuit of life for several centuries.

Compared to this cold war pop culture has make-believe subversiveness.

Pop culture is occupied by other indiscreet recreational areas, such as surges of socialism.

Domesticated simplicity strikes you down, not battles.

Radicals are snapped up in a prescribed manner.

Check for surroundings of joy not from a central position.

This cold war is for people grovelling for a regress of assertion of modern lifestyles.

Divinity was the only thing that treated you right before you were humanized.

Being a humanist is trivial.

Life is a regretful treasure compared with separation from effective areas of reality surrounding real settings of troubled feelings put in a cold reservoir.

Without a cult intentions have nothing to do with competing systems unless they are chilled.

Cosmical arguments are an obligation.

Delivered here is radical dramas rather than prefigured righteousness.

Partnerships do not require thermodynamic variables to strike the target.

Shivering offerings shift the curve of temperature by command.

This cold war is the antithesis to the sensible world of fascism.

Do not even acknowledge you exist unless you are indifferent to heat.  

It’s pointless having a master unless you join a cult where coolness is the preferred medium to engage in.

Frames of reference of the mind are indeed relative to the lowest state of it at the start.

Motivation does not always work; that’s the exciting thing about infatuation.

Escapists shall pierce known compositions of reality with military escorts.

Get working on nihilism, not the bluntness of courtesy.

Survey anatomy because you may need it some day. It will have to go into something, won't it?

We are thrown into the void either way.

Government and doctors have an outstanding partnership with each other and are a power greater than ourselves, causing opiate receptor deficiencies whenever possible.

Medical authorities either discard or recoil your state of mind and other unknown incidents.

Natural privacy is destroyed whatever you’re up to.

Authorities pursue comforters blatantly.  

Drugs are a progressive spiritualist medium epoch which authorities want to exterminate.

This provides the favourite form of fighting.

The sheer commands of government are too plain and simple, that’s why they have adversaries gathered round.

Medical authorities do not make a good job leading people into the critical estimate of enjoyment.

Escape constant permeability of law and order.

Every sign of joy is atmospheric if this first becomes possible due to authorities oppressing people.   

Without drugs there is no enjoyment of life whatsoever, it’s just embarrassing.

Authorities are a hurt parade. 

A choir of fascism is hitting you from all directions.

Be expelled or drift away from people pretending to be restorers of life not concerning you.

If you just leave reality it will go away on its own.

Under government control acting on your own behalf makes no difference.

Become decked by nihilism, the vast output of public relations are not particularly effective at creating minimalism.

Stacks of diagnostics are never gripping for newcomers to the severities of the cold war and everything inside of it.  

Be in another world when you do things witnessed by others, except astrologers.

Good thinking impales victims on stakes.

Become a sneaky defector of your own identity if it is politically reliable on conformity and other useless settings on the warfront of habit.

The entire project has no demand for completeness or precision of all people because it is inattentive without explanation.

Most countries have a fascination with flocking together, but not here.

The sole mark of xenophobia is never formal or objective, it clashes with international organisations the world is well-supplied with.

Countries rise again from counteracting each other as conquerors.

Be afraid of tourists going on journeys to other countries because they reap decadence without consult.

This is a perversion of unifying achievements between countries and other macroscopic objects.

Sensations and loudness of dictatorships are a permanent magnet only if there is an overlap with drug endorsement not aligned with total momentum of earth.

Discover harmonic motion at its origination point not covering the face of the earth.  

The surge of migration is smashed because it is causing a housing crisis.  

New Zealand government advocates congestion at a critical point.

Because of mass-immigration out hospitals and health care systems are goofed. 

On New Zealand city roads every thoroughfare is a congestion due to immigration extracted from the turns and loops of mass culture.   

People so far from another are never made for one another.

Culture is fake magnetic attraction puncturing life.

By all accounts a cold war is needed more than ever for numerous triumphs beyond the limits of experience.

In the modern world unjustness comes in all shapes and sizes borrowed from fascism.

Potential applications of households are momentary unless you join a cult designed to carry humans not well-defined.

You cannot have synchronized alterations in this world unless you are a genuine product of a cult.

New autonomous regions are now defunct.

Random decadence is assumed to be at rest.

Under drugs the whole body is silenced.

Decadence has the sole function of increasing or diminishing what will eventually become the circumference of the planet.

Ample roundness is the cause of corruption.

Bungled attempts of the central powers of decadence collapse entirely.

This is not a humdrum pinnacle. Without a cold war life on the planet is an ordinary gallery. 

Life becomes a long period of pointlessness, just like the theory of mechanics.

Deal with brilliant bandits remarkably similar to you.

The diameter of the earth is the normal incidence of unseen horror.

Sought here is large-scale manifestation of instantaneous vintage, the last contribution to humanity we intend to provide without a graph.

Also sought here is a sweeping victory over the obstacles that drug prohibitionists create, even if it takes national disintegration of multiple countries with zero resistance to reestablishment of normality.    

A general picture emerges that the world is a punishing politicized prison of warfare and banishment of voices.

Governments should show just a little bit of soul, or even better, the equal amount that God gives us.  

The impact of sex has less plurality than a cold war, so sexualized people should withdraw their forces and networks to the core.

All of the best bonking happens during wartime because only then can you trust in climaxes irrespective of whatever.    

The sun is not a sharp singular scorch, intimacy fortunately enters the scene.

Reciprocal combustion of ejaculating is gone.

Shooting masturbators are too busy doing their own thing; they can’t let go and bugger off from their own body.  

It’s cruel that raw sperm doesn’t end up where it should be as a stowaway in the body.

Self-romance is endless renewal proven to kill delay masturbating.

Doodling adaptations of romance are not an accompaniment of a cold war because they are beginning to lose their hold on exploration of the frenzy of the human body .

Along with this, countries become gatekeepers and are disassociated from most trading partners. Also, occupied territories of tourist destinations are undermined and not compatible with planetary motion yet to be confirmed.

Globalism creates a multitude of ideals not yet to be proved, promised or presumed from any apparent distance or any other factor of time and space which does not exert an opposing force. 

Nobody knows the edge of time directly because it is not helpful to militant ruins of war propaganda.

A peaceful nature is insufficient if you want to gain full glorified independence.

Decorating afraidness of youth brings us together.

Drug prohibition is the greatest detention known on earth.

Promising signs of premiere pleasure collapse.

Restriction of activities of drug users reduces living standards, if you are even equipped with them at all.

Their applied field is in thick chains.

Here there and everywhere we are locked down in whatever works.

The sphere of fascism does not dissipate, it is strongly reflected in many governments of the world and its perished inhabitants who inherit it for ever without any possibility of deflection.  

Fascism stamped into your head is an irreversible process here to stay until the end of indiscernible revolutions.

Use drugs as an example of military affairs to relax you if it suits.

Regress from what the uncertainty of experience and observation requires of you with large resistance particularly being an outsider in there doing your thing.

Governments sacrifice your freedom as they ram policies into you, not that their full-scale power matters because anarchy becomes material at your disposal to dissolve defined proportions of parliament which are a single point mass.

This is an elegant takeover of warped controls of self-management splattered on the minds of eager accomplices without friction.

Once again you do not bring this on yourself, it is all created by drug prohibitionists demanding an inquiry into why you are still alive and free.

Redistribution of rights are held constant, which threatens your life.

Do not give time and energy to people recently devoted to modern living as a lasting interest without settling at any rate however way it is streamlined by mutual tolerance.

Reduction in human activity creates new standards of spaciousness and you don’t even have to be near to death such as European culture is.

Drug prohibition creates the intrusion of death and destruction; the greatest triumph is to only glimpse at this aggressiveness behind-the-lines.

In a come-back delicate variations of war previously applied are only a small legacy of recruitment in comparison.  

Freedom finds the greatest distance of haunting because it is baseless and needs reassessment.

This is an exodus from predictable gradual pressure organized orderly without immediate advantage willingly offered until nothing remains.

As a response to this our cold war is made up of emergency riddles. There is no going back.

Retrogression is the ultimate destiny.

Be blind to equilibrium because it is ahead of its time.

This war was borrowed from our predecessors, that’s why it doesn’t function effectively.   

Reality is a germ treadmill: proceed no further.

You cannot help yourself to immediate and closed emergencies if you have assertiveness.

Nonsense is exactly the truth.

A clown force is an attempt to create otherwise inaccessible riddles.

Roaming clowns need shielding from transmutation.

Be afraid of short-range illusions.

Premium grade nihilism is not a sin of many sizes.  

Construct and accommodate hurling forms of life not carefully checked as you are waiting to explode.

Refuse esoteric statements because they have great consequences; they may even convulse you after you have recovered from consciousness and other forms of preventative detention.

You don’t even know you are compelled to do inexhaustible meditation, you are not even aware what you are doing it as it persists.

If you have ever thought about speaking correctly it is a hidden treasure.

We are defiant pacesetters of disturbing coverage of escalating cultural cold war matters which are not free and dynamic.

All that matters is who will react first while boycotting awareness rallies with the most efficiency without an earthbound observer.

Distant environments are usually exaggerated under some conditions such as universal rules.

This is a forever collection of nihilism in measurable quantities of disrepair.

This leads to a smashing stay on earth. Summer components are on a distant planet upon returning from it. There is a magnificent deficiency of balanced judgement of our planet.

Fly cool but do not be led into being airborne.

Life without wheels will cure the planet from the instability and decay of people of stardom and other prowlers.

At the forefront of world disorder life is not immediately recognized.

All the people coming into the world is too much.

Invite normal people into your life of abandonment.

On drugs life becomes a heralded blur.

Groundlessness helps you get further in life.  

The underground will never be uncovered, let alone come flowing out, otherwise you will strike your own comrades.

Be decoupled from every assembly of recent reality.

Meticulous mental balance does not bring jubilation.

Swift celebrations are eliminated without drugs.

The army and the police are disenfranchised.

Block off whatever’s on your mind out.

Proud momentum does not have common factors with authorities.

Drugs create a favourable insertion into outer space.

Authorities are uncompassionate rascals. Distribution of the physique is seized and oppressed.  

In the modern world there is a shortage of idle broken confusion, which is a wrongdoing.

This war is instrumental to ultra-reconstructed biblical bedtime stories clambering to be harnessed into worlds you may never see again because they are not acceptable for mature handling.

Sleep on another planet wherever it takes you. On opioids such as heroin and morphine you are steeped in secret spacious strange sleep.

The continuous spectrum of apprehension disintegrates.

This is a combination of a cold war and ungraspable centralized sex. What is the direction of the source and observer of assumed romance?

Without a cult religion is broken or missing in conventional situations untriumphed as a single force.

Occultism is an extension of your life without needing justification in an act of defiance against all things that happen in the world.

Regular government exists as a memory on a considerable scale, hence needs rearranging sudden and unexpected.

Explore unwarranted playrooms of the galaxy.

This is pharmaceutical groping of additional human bodies.

This is a clouded image of time and other man-made gizmos you cannot trust.

Time-relations are false or groundless appearances.        

Hesitate sooner or later about calculated life.

Customs are not sufficient to establish a miracle because there is total resistance to them.

Do not shun trotting out into undesignated outer space.

This is a yearning to throw earth and its distinct energy levels upside down involving several experiments with everything that is visible.

Eyes do not follow you wherever you go because they are quite unnecessary.

Loose cannons are small in comparison to this war.  

Instead search for any reaction or proper signs of oppression.

Drugs are apparently appropriate when you are steeped in fascism.   

Government is an allied control of cruelty you are forced to withdraw from.

Drugs create an overshooting of sleep; browsing croaks.

Be bewildered by the largest fraction of oblivion.

Drug laws are a religious bust.

Confused ecstasy relieves you of despair you and be all.

Delicacies are a bulged brush with enemies.

Anorexia is an outstanding respite from nibbles.

Appetite is not a delight; art exhibitions are.

The stomach is a tragedy not a stronghold.

Appear among food in an unreal way then anorexia will have numerous triumphs.

Meat has no flavour criteria other than governed cruelty.

Meat eating is conspicuous gluttony.

Meat eating is a startled famine.

Nowhere is there desired natural life fed into the system.

Walk away from materials of meat products.

This is a jelly protest against meat eating.

Meat eating is a unique example of a pungent enormous energy of intimacy in distant regions of bestiality.  

Meat eaters have free-lance tummy acquaintances with sharp spasms jolting terribly as they perish forever.        

It is dismaying how humans are fed off wandering cattle or other human conduct.

This is a butchered viewpoint of specific areas creating a doorway into diet without witnesses or directions for use in daytime.

Eating meat could be putridly lethal if you are in much the same state as animals.  

Butchers preside over life like a muttered myth.

Vegan diets can be a part of a fierce detox program difficult to ignore.

Anything that moves does not have high purity.

We are undaunted, unafraid by defiant anorexia.

Conventional soldiers are not well-taught in consumptive peace of human remains.

People that eat meat and animal-sourced products are handicapped by perversity and corruption. Meat does not deliver splendour because it is the aftermath of a hunting field.

Spare yourself, capitalists are butchers because they make people and animals tremor in detailed remembrance of the living.

Rarely encountered conducting surfaces of reason are not a delicacy, even on a molecular scale definitely different.

Roomy modern indoor-outdoor flow is all out war, such as delight from far-gone years.

Rather than farming pursue haphazard pieces of land suspended for you.

There are no kitchen feelers here.

Judgements are as indigestible as a barren spherical normal life.

Provisions of the earth are not round if and when the circumferences are close together.

Without appreciation for drugs life is a parade of structural meditation.

The internet is pointless tabulation if it has no occultist patriots introduced in due course further eased later on until decibels get misty.   

Rationalists cannot dance. The dead cannot dance, even in the shadows of life.

It all depends on how you fall back upon death.

In the golden vessel of the sun there are remains intended to contain appearances of the output of light from the moon.  

The sun is an offensive fallen star.

The earth has a flat brilliance.

Stars are backed up in the universe and other decay.

The horizon is on a funny angle.

Biff all matter not on your side. Only swarming slow people wait until the skies fall.     

Save the last denial for planet earth.

Heat is not really enough to do a thing, the sun is just as another star completely null and void.

The brightest spot in the galaxy is a montage beyond the scope of immediate reaction.

Bright lights are not clocks to measure intensive programmes of flair.

This is a delicate experiment to prove the earth has no whopping central position known about to complete our estimate of an initial location.

The earth is not an elementary medium either side of the interface of the surrendered circumference even if it takes forever.

Have high resistance to identical rotation of orbits with constant velocity and other plotted data.

The junction point of a dark definition of temperature is a good approximation of inverted nonlinear skies culturally offensive for elite audiences. 

Hold onto the edge of existence where life does not teach you many things so that nothing is lost to reason.

There are only two concepts to reap: kinky life and death. With public approval both must be one and the same faculty.

Drugs are an attempt at everyday usage of the biological sciences, which is anarchy stated in different terms against adjacent body molecules and their strategies and positions.

A frozen tour of life is all that happens whenever you are near to summer which is not acute but somewhat blurry and probably will be for eternity.

Block the best natural heater of the world out and don’t create political commentaries about it.

Authorities do us an optimal favour by oppressing us.

You don’t even hear them coming until they are right on you.

Drugs are secure funk, it is authorities that wound you in a full circle of inescapable oppression we endure side by side.

You are certainly charming in chains oppositely directed over an effective area.

Drug laws are the shaping and handling of humiliation while it falls into the distance withdrawn from life forms.

Without drugs reconciled discovery the mind withers as a flat force without a plot.

Typical efficiencies are not reservoirs of God, they are an uncoiling of the last vestiges of unweaved turbulent flow.

We are peripheral to any social programme of thinking and its promptings. 

The sun falls upon real emotion because it is not a communication system successfully saved.

Gravity is grossly disadvantaged as a rude shock of contact with people, let alone the earth.

Spook is untutored when people are joined in series.

Summoning of the brain is dimmed and there is no returning of light and other monotones or similar sloppy scenarios due for resistivity.

Brains are for nothing nowhere around to satisfy requirements of value systems.

Stuff gets emphatically squashed into the brain you don’t know what to do with relative to your mass.

Knowledge is unwanted commotion.

Our demise is way up there because there is no process of negotiation to encounter as a base unit.

Circulating surveillance does not make you safe and secure, it cramps your homage towards the system defined at all points in space and other assumptions of the greatest certainty of the cold war.

Fight against the system, demolish silence and other works of nature.  

Being naturalistic is either illegal or torturous.

There is also strict surveillance on sex which is restricted in experience proportionately to a wider field.

We sponsor deserts. Deserts are suave underworld forests.

Crumble barriers of existence and other vertical susceptibilities which cart you away.

Inactivity is a masterpiece.

Paving your way into mortal sin is cheeky in any given mob of existence.

Under current drug laws our rights are taken over forever, without any parallel career to pursue even for your inner character.

Authorities lead the upright rich life which will reach its end.

Taking drugs optical activity becomes scattered and corresponds to different values.

There are a whole bunch of fringes to the earth.

Take drugs if you are wiped away by retirement only to stay living on the current usage of the earth at intervals.   

Reign over the imposing land with nothing to see meanwhile.

Government forces you into these systems heavily penetrating you and there is no room for pal negotiations or assemblies. Our bedtime becomes an atrocity.

A bed atrocity is created, putting people in duel combat with government, not as a single entity but as  an unaccepted form of a group.

The only alternative to this is to build winter.

This cold war is the coldest place you can find.

This signals collapsed remnants of militant weather in post-war conditions.

Become an outcast of proper configurations of chemical reactions which are not theatrical.

Don't Keep out of reach of disappearance of costumes.

Twisted people save life on earth courtesy of nobody.

Neither theory nor practice belong here.

Search for enchanted immaterialist satisfaction or something like that before you atrophy you as you are.

Certain circumstances disconnect neediness, updating nihilism joined together with independence.

We are obsessed with banned substances created by political parties tinkering with fascism.

Addictive drugs are gourmet chemicals.

Modern governments are an authentic illustration of the same principles as the Taliban, only western governments are more accelerated in their 'corrective' techniques.

This is definitely obviously a form of shady totalitarianism without ratios.

Drug users are given the ultimate switch to clemency you are not able to guess as the slope of hot objects don’t have a growth rate.

Prolonged rejection of initial conditions of mechanical resonance you will find here as uniform material of erect irate shrivelling nihilism.

The whole new world is buckled, so we can all feel just as one because mortification is omnipresent.

Modern people are fixated on repressed energy.

Senior officials build a bridge to nihilism.

Space and time is for scholars. Reinforcement is all going sideways.

Along the route of the distant speck of the sun there is foolishness.

Senselessness will return as a lust for past history. 

The sole mark of seized human pride is an illusion.  

Corruption is our determined policy, rather than visualization.  

Do not embrace media because it is a military occupation without vibration.

This is mere untouchable gloom extended across the globe.  

We are rulers of hallucination and areas of the mind not given careful attention.

A significant proportion of prepared dreams are not characteristic of nations whether you are over-theatrical or convalescent.

A range of issues do not proceed unless they are enunciated by daily lives stated in different terms.

Our cold war activities are regarded as complementary to the original cold war where countries repel one another.

Animosity between countries is conferred at length. The sacred task of turning working people into reactionary forces is well overdue.

Stay well clear of foreigners because they have no snapped up successors signalling a destination of hijacking places stronger than the universe.

This war is an impregnable unsearchable imponderable cryptic realm for all those concerned or allured by surrounding nations gathered together to teach us customs without a delegation.

It is the final assault of the flourishing of human life on beaten paths of deception.

Only deserters encompass vague practical phenomena.

This war is for those suspicious of what life is.  

Drug use is a victimless crime. Troops are something nice when they don't harm anybody absurdly.  

Drug users are bold examples of being imprisoned without doing a crime. They suffer anxiety and pain through informal conversations and other similar boundaries.

Having an incisive edge among drug criminals requires manipulation of what remains important in their life.

Soldiers do not run or bike without being battered because they live dangerously as they undergo different types of therapy.

Jail is a dungeon for people that have been struck down by thoughts which have overshadowed them.

Burst the bubble of physical combat without action-reaction.

We have an absolute interference pattern on violence.

Somebody has to create evil, but it is not us. Move out and do your own thing.

Any offensive is a blank victory, especially for dissidents who have accordance with oppositely charged extended tours of womanhood.

Observed symmetries with warfare are a sensitive apparatus for modernisers capable of orgasm and other handicaps needing regular checking.

Narcotics are better than live-action groin activity.

Each curve which has an upward force is an insult.

With narcotics you do not inherit dangling masculinity, it is rarely encountered.

Physical realms churn away at complete liberty whimpering around abruptly.

Drift away in each cycle of life.

This is warfare without thermal expansion adequately secured.

The new world order has an abundance of trenches, such as modern homes.

Those not spaced out on drugs are earth dorks.

You can’t think about what you’re going to do if you are a secure square.

There’s no rush to declare yourself outstripped of humbleness because it makes little difference other than making you unwatchful.

Never stay focused in any measured distance, no matter what is going on around you.

Hoisting the world into sanity is a disadvantage you have to catch up on.

Some people need invincible convenience, they just take it for granted.

Heroin is not cheap but it is a beautiful way of catching up with your mind and many other situations outside oppression.

With heroin we are in a slumber of energy efficient enjoyment guarded and protected with the armour bearer of internal energy.

Go all the way in your slumber which remains fundamental to your existence.

Comprehend eternal darkness without a result on the earth and its surface.

Intoxicating years are when you don’t speak your own mind.

The central position on earth and its corners are in the immediate past.

Break the stem of the earth using expansion of nothingness in many orders of magnitude. 

The same principles of night time apply to daytime because they directly substitute it.

This cold war is not violent, it is not furnished without clout conditioned in its existence from any standpoint encountered.

Relatively rapid alternatives are offered for open commitment to usual delays of destruction.

This is something out of the ordinary concerning the infantry of thought in general.

It is for all those all in favour of upgraded protection against constant fascism and its range of values.

Governments put up the toughest resistance to bizarre liberation.

Governments continually ambush anomalies which rotate around your skull without material cares.

Social subjects are patrolled as general satisfaction of life fluctuates for the vulnerable which is of immediate concern.

On the social internet there is collections of large numbers of particles released into the environment as a dumping of energy.

Social media is an amateur fortress.

Doctors not supplying people with cooling drugs are a gore authority; they are a creator of furnaces.

Doctors only provide us with disguised consolation.  

You won’t matter anymore because you are abused by doctors. 

Drugs are baffled solutions for sleep which go unprocessed by doctors.

It’s the right time for a ghost to represent yourself.

For doctors worry is a fabricated wound not of commercial importance.

Inwardly doctors are ignorant, leaving patients to their own devices. That is why a cult is needed.

We offer playfulness without limits to represent ourselves because we terminate thought and other proper positions of the mind which envelope us in the periphery of covert performance art.

Drug prohibition is cosmological proof of the highest reality of the soul being stifled which everyone is waiting to reap as a significant force of a test mass where there is no impulse nor contraction involved.

This yields an encyclopedia of conspiracies of anything which consists of the basic component of matter expressed in terms of atmospheres.

The factions of the last cold war were not flawed because they didn’t have an open-ended approach to culture. The world was not carousalish.     

Compared to the cold war modern governments are fickle administrations sprung from equal-tempered homogeneity.

Dreams subside and regress in ways always advanced by authorities on the outermost outskirts of fascism for no reason other than to oppress infinite guarantees of resistance.

A distribution function of gaiety is a prolonged retreat for absent-minded people.

In the event of a siege conversion from the modern world to a cold war will effect tourists and other dwellers of the global transport industry circuiting an incursion of geography.

Gazing is on tourist's wish lists as criteria for occupying individualism.

Distance travelled by tourists does not have corresponding momentum.

There are hundreds of gift ideas other than holidays, such as anal suppositories. You know where you are then. 

Becoming cluttered with explicit themes is enlivening because they are not a collective.

Traverse the loop of distant objects. What we get told we don’t see.

Reconstructing society somewhere tonight will require inconspicuous territorial adjustments if you want to retain autonomy immeasurably as a huge stimulus.

There is a huge progression for higher potential of chill unobtrusive.

Without drugs desolation is a reasonably permanent type of thing.

See the most of unreality, let it break you in two everywhere around. It's not like you're going anywhere, other than to the grossness of prison.

Be concerned where you are going to end up because it will be in jail attached to no civilisation viewed in and by itself by everyone.

Current drug reforms have opposition elements usually destroyed by freedom of action of officials who never begin to wonder about their own fate.

Officials are surprisingly restrained when it comes to inmates being released for whom freedom has never been formulated apart from in a parody.  

Exodus from neutrality is not taken seriously in this parody which has surpassed all existence.

Captivity of drug users is fast-growing and proceeds one way only: strict proof of fully matured fascism.

Life is an uncomfortable stint without drugs.

The pharmaceutical war is a vivid introspective war, it is not generalized.

Not having drugs there is a slim avenue of resistance against political beasts.

Modern drug laws are near enough to being a fascist screening programme.

Nobody rules the property of your mind because it is deception of any given state of a letting the mind rest from considerable activity allowing for a new generation to develop.

Doom and gloom is not a corrupt wrongdoing, it is full of promises beneficial to the assumption of nonforceful methods of power.

There is not much to gain from the discrimination of utter defeatism of cultivated stage appearances.

Life-giving activity is blotted out.

Capture construction of dedicated service of independence of anorexia as an alternative to industrial and cultural hunger. 

Pray for the dominant force of reminiscence, not responsibility which fills you with hunger.   

Go hungry within existing systems then you will destroy their chief objectives.

Do not reverse your location from key positions held by deserters if it is constitutive of your character.

Fight for control over rich mongrels and heavy human machinery of government until their different forms of widely diverging fascism stop.

Say goodbye to cultural centres and other dredging equipment.

When on drugs the embedded customs and precursors of oppression slip away in all categories and forms of appearance of life and its natural resources.

Proportionality of different materials of unrest is a barrier to modern methods of contrast. 

The glory of warmth is finite, do not abort worship.

The acquired torrent of life is not returnable.

Due to drug regulations concentration camps are places you gamble with.  

Authorities have the width of a big mouth, which is their only technical facility.

Freedom stops and everybody becomes servants cultivated by governments rounding us up, leaving us at the forefront of crossroads. 

There is nothing corresponding to being legal or other dimensions of refined oppression.

Drug use is an attractive crime which will never collapse in vain.

War is not the end of life unless you are a stranger to the forefathers of anatomy.  

Sinking in decades of stagey ice exists separately from debilitation.     

Be influenced by the rubble of a single identity before it is gradually crushed by social commitment. 

Potential energy only crystalizes with narcotics without any reference level of interaction with life.  

A barrow full of instructions on life do not bring joy.

Derelicts are pleasant if you have ever dwelt with them.

This is a sustained contest over the idiotic sprawl of the brain.  

Clowns deliver relatively mild treatment unless they are immediately vulnerable to inter-war drugs.

Dumbness still rages on even with severe discipline. 

Channelled cheek does not evaporate.

This is ridiculousness for better or worse and more than that and all the rest of it.

Without drugs life is an oversupply of nihilism not perceptual very much.   

Life without drugs is a meaningless gesture. Consume pills even if you don’t know what they are for and then they will prove brilliant.

It is a next generation cold war and the resulting cosmological behaviour that goes with it.

Without drugs extraordinary moments are not confirmed to accrue anything distinct from the world.

Earth is not a good thing to go back for because you will be a slave without a mighty barrier to oppression.

Following effective resistance does not need ground potential.

Somewhere fly from earth. Resist gravity and that is your work done.  

Rebel against keen treasures which require extensive assistance from temperature which have an unanswered factor.

Sneaking a tainted cold embrace in life results in persecution.

Retaliation is an attractive prospect for this imposed discipline.

Coating knowledge with internal energy is unlawful.

Only with drugs intervention of tension is believed possible, before you are accused of a crime without making a confession to the enemy.  

Drugs create extraordinary sleepiness, better than being blown up my dynamite or other forms of micrographic heat.   

Narcotics create steady sleepiness but they are all banned more than expected. We would not wish this on anyone.

Sleepiness removes your head from desire.

Governments defeat happiness because of their everyday conservatism belittling  us.  

Scaling it down is found lacking of the reward of average random light.

Deploy the impetus of dopiness where no assumed directions are given from sources not requiring light objects to identify with because they impersonate everyday precise sources of humanity, not adventure stories of escapism.

Nobody is invincible to becoming minced by modern military who do not have a plot or story to tell.

Do not warm to drug reformers because they supply large-scale human gatherings similar to the humiliation of the holocaust.

Authorities are afraid of perversion for a good cause because they want to resume combat with the assertions of drug users who thrive to pierce any revelation of the social cleansing of society.

Corruption and condemnation of heat is the ultimate goal of light effects.

Innumerable trembles are a scandal of low temperatures, but who is to judge the impact of them?

Heat is another mass than simpler calculations of conservation of energy.

The key to deflected dramatization of withdrawal from earth's surface is found in drugs.

Get right back to hypnotic coolness quite uncontrollable.

A search for separation from society is not such an evil.

Obscurity sticks onto things which you cannot spot directly.

Drug use is a distraction from casual entertainment and its expectations.

Authorities treat drug users as the stubborn minority, but they take drugs for submissive purposes, pleasing to look upon for the great multitude of people betrayed.

Sleepy imagination is not permitted to spare our lives from downfall, neither is pedagogy which creates boundaries to be trapped within.

Replacement and relocation can’t clear out the moaning of the intelligentsia, because redistribution of them is widespread and prolonged.

A fanatical fusion of retaliation must be released from paralysis and other large samples of ordinary experience.  

The high point of the pharmaceutical cold war is that the cold war of the 1950’s and 60’s is still in its original condition.

Abolishing internal restructuring of the cold war is to be mocked.

Drug users are lonesome successors of the stance of the old cold war.

Dedicated to a new task which has asymmetry to emotional experiences has aversive side effects unless drug use is radically unabated.    

The status quo secures a clear majority with great sacrifice.

The rejoice of being high has many dimensions, but these motivating properties have all been banned and are not readily available.

Spreading joy surely there must be a reward but it is impermissible.

It's just fine tuning the distance apart from reality.

Just to get out, somewhere to go from reality every now and then. Otherwise just get rid of the way you are. Shove it wherever.

There is some better way to be born rather than into coordinate systems and components of every branch of civilisation.

Drugs enable the individual to shuffle around with their psychological well-being.

Civilians are pretty damn close to being gruesome slaves.

When despair is commonplace even for those with commanding outbursts of positivity drugs are a handy escape route.  

Clumsiness dominates antisocial personality disorder stats.  

Narcotics are an illustration of defence against life, consciousness and personalities and any other part of the total surface area of existence.

This is a template for avoiding judgement on narcotics because they make you more interior, rather than an extroverted apparatus.

Narcotics counteract life’s great aggression and other changing attitudes of the void from the past off-loaded in time and place.

Behold a psychotic venture rather than having a leading role in the external agent of society.

Drugs provide a lifetime disengagement from sources of the viscous drag of the external field of stress held constant by medical authorities.

With drugs there is an abundance of cool bodies with a protective coating intensifying cold war at a molecular level. 

Narcotics are diamond droplets at their pinnacle, yet they are a dormant treasure because they are on the upper surface of the underground.

Seduction is applicable inversely proportional to conventionality.  

Imagery and emotion imply observed properties of individual contributions to nihilism, not authority.

Due to government control doctors have repulsive similarities which are a clear description of fascism easy to interpret as a determinate object of space. Humble genocide undeniably follows.

Common law prompts an abandoned illusion of the centre of the earth not already determined because it is transmitted without anatomical borders jutting out.

With drug prohibition fascism is wrongfully exposed, leaving many people permanently affected.

Authorities arrange things that don’t bring relief; a mistaken notion of life continues to exist.

It’s not unusual to grunt and groan about the worst consequences of the system.

It is difficult to differentiate crippling outbreaks of fascism from drug prohibition in a wider social context which attacks and divides people out of this world.   

Even happiness shows signs of affliction as separation is increased.

Everywhere there is nonsense too early to detect.

Up next is the land of negligible conventionality wherever you are.

Alternate the genuine delusion of physics never used in public before.

This is a march against drug prohibition converging on a trance.

Without drugs the centre of the brain is the same medium in the same direction maintained constant.

There is nothing in the world more shameful than prohibiting drugs.

Encourage worship practices with energy storage shortly afterward.

Modern life is a presentation of depression as we all stroll about in nothing that has propaganda value.

This is a gateway to astronomical prestige neighbouring Nirvana at the point of source.

Reality: you won't need any of that to establish your mind.

Mobilised is a special mission for those gobbling up pills.

Drug users are alienated. They endure incentivised displacement.

Prohibitionists purge the vulnerable ranks of society in the midst of a detached conspiracy representative of a range of rearranging various inexhaustible arguments that something exists outside of the conspiracy.

Deserters are being to torn to pieces by being made absolutely constructed.

Break pieces of life off before it is too late.  

Authorities preach to descendants of culture, adding no extra hidden dimension to life.

Drug users are the victims of society but nobody wants to know anything about it.

Collaborations are a sacrifice because they are simultaneously provided.

Why do police punish silent freaks commonly made for vexed resistance?

Profane trends are not measured simultaneously with body language.

Ravaged common sense is responsible for swaying reason.

Pharmaceutical Cold War is an unleashed cruise of revolt against doctored reality if you know where that is.    

Doctors are a barrage of specialists reversing your loopy lifespan.

Doctors are reapers of hypocrisy. They have lots of everything unanswered.  

Doctors are in sync with exponential fascism equivalent to government control.  

We don’t need external agents such as doctors. The immune system is a turbulent disinfectant.  

The estimated fortification of probable triumph of the brain comes into the world as a protrusion.

An array of drugs that make you nice and dreamy are all banned. 

We have no national respect for brain cells which have not atrophied.

Without drugs grievances are the hallmark of being defunct.

Make reality decrepit and hard to distinguish from adult humans.

A massive break from mechanical reality requires biological changes in the peculiar patterns of the brain.

Razzmatazz is good for you because it has no restraining factor.  

Drugs are a valiant reign of independent phenomena yet they are all controlled or prohibited.

Get rid of the multiplicity of channels you are ostracized by with no apparent alternative other than going loopy overshooting the mark of sanity.

Does it matter who takes you into insanity rather than being completely deterministic?

You don’t even need to touch upon your mind because it is an abstract personal habit not needing direct access to social readjustment.

In here is a quest to develop a gateway into a stronghold junction with no appointees because self-effacement is on the agenda.

Without drugs you are lumbered with prepared portions of life as an additional experiment.

Drug users are cornered by a dogged plague which does not pan out just the way you are.

They are plunged into a deterioration of sentimentality.

Have the courage to forget about the outside world before you get caught out by spatial discontent.

There is a backlog of modes of knowledge to hinder or obstruct the lamentation of set-designers for the general public.

To manoeuvre around authorities is a crazy ridiculous redemption.

Drug use is the crux of independent phenomena multiplying previous actions to avenge yourself upon the enemy.

What does your mind look like from any vantage point without drugs?

The answer to this is that the mind is under direct military control.  

In here there is content and inferences to obnoxious chemistry.

Treachery in the medial realm is as awful today as it was during the cold war.

Drug users have a rare gift which has a whirlwind randomizing effect rather than the trudging of advanced mass culture of learned societies before school became a wasteland.

Tuition is not invincible if it intervenes on peaceful gatherings.

Just when you thought it was over you are forced to think by your reaping instructor.

Cast politically aware people away in the same instant self-seeking schooling is subdued.

Never give up everyone from invaluable confusion in an attempt to re-occupy schools.

Actions spread in grim lessons, do not disturb them.

We already have abundant political lessons, we don’t need any more schooling.

Say goodbye to school because it is foreign cavalry.

Scholarism is sure to shine as a scattered struggle in this galaxy.

Students trafficked into school are unceasingly impure as a mangled key position in education.

Cultural matters are as compulsory as the deluge of common innocence.

Directories of life and gestures are muffled irreversibly.

In school formalistic qualities comes to us all which we don’t anticipate.

Even gentle people are in jail due to high exposure to drug laws.

Drug users are characterized as the epitome of alleged criminal activity, yet they commit no crime.

Promoted is the dawning of dissipated laws.

Because of drug laws we are all framed servants to culture.

Who knows why we need all of these condensed forms of persecution affecting cruisy citizens?

A morbid reputation is imposed to neutralise these renegades who hold up equally well to the proper domain of governments whom nobody is inserted into any corrective relationship with.

Subversive madness has no practical consequences to grapple with.

Our drug themes are for the unprotected quarters of souls. 

The war on drugs creates an unknown holocaust. 

Drugs create an extremely long nirvana unbeaten.   

Drug users fight for accommodation on earth.

The war on drugs has foul repercussions for your mind set.

The core of rivalry is a huge cultural shift in waiting.

A change of dynamics always returns.

Play against yourself with denial.

The mind is not a close thing to any formation.

Taking drugs God comes down to the earth intermittently interfering with the atmospheric accepted order.

Without God life’s territory is done for because it is an experimental handling of culture.

By banning drugs you are removing a huge chunk of the coldest part of life.

Those desperate for necessary adjustments to the onset of the intrusive war on drugs are welcome here independent of temperature.

Authority cannot prosper in any thermosphere.  

Drug laws are God’s call because eternity is not short and strong nor supervised as a direct successor.

The earth is not the only place you know to make a withdrawal from.

The drug war is an accurate cleansing of impaired minds comparable with the fabulous elements of a lobotomy.

The elegance and charm of consciousness is the imperfect partner of the remains of Nazidom and other social scenes where you don’t have control over your overbearing employer or ruler.

Drugs are a blessed descunge of the body, but they are made inaccessible by governments and doctors with immortalized crudeness.  

Without drugs parties are goofed; doctors have run their course of oppression.  

Obeying people is out of our control. 

Doctors make gravely untended promises and convictions which leaves your mood beleaguered.

It is hard to believe doctors destroy our voices as well as our cordless hearts.

Doctors hesitate with their messages at terminal speed as their diagnosis glides through your body.

Visiting a doctor is a horrible facet of existence which at the best of times is an omen.

Doctors rebuke the underworld of rest in any given temperature per molecule.

A Nazi observer is approaching your plasma numerically equal to an experimental setup which has not been observed.

This is an untouchable finish to everything essentially not paralleled by leftover anarchical fibres both blessed and cursed without cause.

A robust disobedience is never given relief studies suggest of your molecular mass.  

We are chief fathers of a long range of symptomology and other delusions.

Drugs leave you dislocated somewhat from attempts at control of formalist communicability.

Drugs fill the gap in the middle of your guaranteed thoughtless brain.

Drug use is a case requiring attention because the world is firmly aligned with fascism sharply dividing the planet at the molecular level as a primary duty.

Doctor’s bow to the Ayatollah and their radius of terror.

Boycott governments because of the projection of terminal fascism.

Medical authorities destroy every supposed association with wonder.   

It is a great gesture to wash away problems from your mind in terms of anointed compression of fascism.

Drugs are better than a hormonal rhapsody constantly pursued.

Major tranquilizers are anti-aphrodisiacs, your sexual life remains a mystery.

Sex rejuvenates the traditional working class, but it is not permanent because it is manual labour. 

Men that have sex are a good approximation of a virulent valentino due for a reclamation of their groin area.

Mighty men have no sexual context to adapt to that is a breeze.

Without drugs you endure sullen bondage forevermore   

Deny intensive universal peeping consolidating your sexual life.

Rapidly expanding population growth will meet its nostalgic Waterloo by detecting devices of the body converging on a secondary spectrum to sex.

Drugs reduce composition of the source of masculinity.

Induced transgressions prosper which nobody has ever designed any model for.

Suppressing well-armed drug use creates polarisation not readily evaluated. 

Powerful people are factions and militants opposing drug laws.

Without drugs revolution is narrowed in normal daytime, which is an encounter with strong detractors.

Drugs are a nonverbal harmless routine along with other patterns of avoidance of death and destruction.

People don’t seem to care that death is a radical refuge not incumbent to life’s protests and demonstrations and other gentle pleasures which make you reminisce in advance later on.

Vibrations have no part in demonstrations, the agitators need subdued.

Sceptics not in symmetry with the takeover process will endure the mutation of moral collapse through limited publicity inside of them.  

Serious ethical questions are a marred ambush.

Our agenda overlaps with sources of dispersion and liberation of observed spectra.

It’s a funny old world when you pay the price for temptation not generally realized as deeply sensitive.   

The mind experts are resigned to a store house of insanity.

Drug prohibition is not pleasant for the ones beside you delivering dramatically different responses to speech.  

Do not permit government to dictate your mind for a certain amount of time for no reason.

Ruling bodies are snared by an unmentionable monstrous puppet government.

Be greatly afraid of the imbalance of power between society and the animated individual because a lot is at stake.  

Do not honour the entire system of modern society. Go with the hooliganism of yesteryear before it is swept away.

Drug use is a loose controversy to be appreciated as a prestigious disappearance from sizeable style and content of discipline you cannot coach.

Without drugs life is a naked sham.

Drug use consists of a legal worship of profound chilled secrets under different conditions, galvanising invisibleness proportional to the maelstrom of arrogance.

Drugs bring incisive debunking of sight and sound, which are not a significant innovation in the range of broadcasting.

A closed circuit of the mind is better than a straight piece of life transmitted to us.

Drugs that sedate you launch a shrewd temperament.

Pardon the evil of consuming drugs otherwise you will become a narcissist.

Drugs create a close up view of accomplished compiled childhood, so there is less waste to the planet.

Twisted innocence creates fierceness and a change of health with no rating scale.

The assignment of an obscure existence depends on your upbringing, not social research.

Drugs reach right in behind the background of the mind, which has no burden of locality.  

A daze amongst nations has no permeability as a conciliation.

Drug users suffer from unique patterns of unabated rejection.

Drug reform will be rapidly accepted and soon established surreptitiously as a joint venture against general political fascism. 

Survive captivity without any assessors readily available for your immediate cause.  

There’s nothing you can do about that, it just has to wear itself out like you’re not supposed to.  

On drugs flabbergasting wisdom does not appear, it has insignificant tributes such as a bone density examination where you’ve got nothing to lose.  

Throw away your force of attraction if you feel governed. 

Without drugs you develop right down into depression without receiving further sources of help.

Drug use is not even marginally irreversible due to our adversaries.

Without drugs there is a depletion of freakish enclosures.

Groovy rest slips away as a common disorder.

Deflected by a negligible mass of observations is never confronting.

Play with revolt a high proportion of the time.

Heat is not a practical device to create a social movement in this lifetime.

When you visit your doctor for drugs you experience an acquired unkind rational response.

Doctors do not intake sinners by banning drugs, they leave you virtually empty without international impact and other imaginary sciences.

Doctors’ falsehoods are not original idiocies.

Doctors are the ultimate fools because they tinker with your sumptuous cross-sectional anatomy.

Drug regulations are a nightmare salvation upon request of the status quo socially and geographically.

The medical profession shall offer wrongness of personal interests and other tasks. 

Drugs are a legendary companion irrespective of the quantity or quality.

Drugs cure you from the feisty depths of pragmatism.

This has nothing to do with a review of your mind shared equally.

Integral multiples of unspoiled eternity is the periodic target because it is easier to manage divided up into threads.

Whatever you do to your body it’s all up to you for sure, whatever whatever.

The world is not a happening because we identify ourselves as sloped humanity.  

Pharmaceutical Cold war is the hub, the pinnacle of pills, the decline of tarnishing drug regimens for the overall majority and other lobby groups.

Governments trying to shelter us from drugs is an abhorrent folly to be despised as conventionality preceding our own judgement of what to do with our departure from reproductive modesty.

Settlement through drugs is not ascertained through reclamation of liberalism, but rather through time-reversal.

Be defiant of time-determination because it is a great widespread piteous spectacle probing you.

Attempts to expand ubiquitous downfall of civilisation has run its course in an instant collection of erstwhile madness coming in gushes from medical advisors.

Without drugs life is contingent upon merely speculative mortal practical interest and its series of appearances interrupted by unmerciful authorities we are in the midst of being trespassed by, which is hitherto harm in itself.

Unintelligible human rights are mutilated for a lofty tempting victimless crime concerning anything resembling freedom without objective grounds you are apprehended by.

Turn around, there it is, you are in prison while your freedom is sprinkled into the air left for authorities to clean up. 

Without drugs the most laborious processes known today consume us all as an intruder wiped out by justice where the causality rate is high in the army and elsewhere.

Go with the restoring force of dementia rather than a projection of normal life which is a defaced stimulation of displacement.

Coolness is a flaunted understatement when you are jailed, but it keeps the economy going without disembarking.

Fulfil the task of our predecessors conducive to chill which does not have narrow limits in its naughty applicability.

Regular directors of biology will never be tight-knit mavericks to behold.

The arrested posy of sleep is a twisted branch of industry.

Becoming wound up is not a victory nor a commandment.

Sleep and all that stuff is not the same thing at all without descendants of the cold war.

We are credited with surrender of life because it has lasted till now.

Eliteness is not a priority because it cannot be contested.

Drug prohibition is a fault concerning dreams where fascism proceeds as follows, just like an associable natural procedure.

We are impaired by a rejection of bliss whatever issues are involved, such as amnesia, if you can remember it abstractly.

Seeing the world can’t be possible without drugs frequently contributing to your lifestyle as a mystery.

Summer must go, restoring all locations of winter abruptly.

Abominations of crushed scumbags are despised everywhere.

Great communities are gathered as an army you can relax in.

Authorities are objectionable and against you, without a supply of lewdness.

Poke through the depths of the underground drifting below.

There are no regions or scenarios beyond prayer; everything else is aloof.

This is external access to the gateway to heaven not done by yourself.

What we think is a plagued autobiography. Believe in restraint of life uneventfully unless you throw your toys out of the cot.   

Trust us, this will fit into your sleep routine for all your life in confined spaces rather than graduated living if you can keep track of it all like it used to be, when you could do any single thing at any time.

“It is not clear why alcohol and tobacco, (our two most medically dangerous drugs) are legal and why drugs that have some medicinal value such as marijuana and narcotics are illegal.”

David L. Rosenban / Martin E.P Seligman: Abnormal Psychology



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